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Ramna 1/2


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Well, I'm sure that many of us have heard of Ramna 1/2 now its the moment of truth... how many of you have seen it all? I was thinking today that I like it but I don't think that I can watch it all its way to long...will it ever just get to the point :angry: !?! Its funny, its cute but damn get to the point already! =_=

Anyway, I liked it anyways my fav. charater was Nabiki she's an awesome golddrigger " Kunno baby..." What is your fav. charater? Or Episode? A love all the episodes with happi in them he is a way to funny old man...(totally fav. episode is the haunted bra...)

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Sorry, Sango but I have just been informed that the spelling is backwards. It's Ranma not Ramna. My bad. That's why it's called "get-up-and-look-for-one-of-your-movies-that-says-the-name-so-you-know-you-spelled-it

-right!"  So go fix it!

:D                                                                    :D

Anyway, my fav is obviously Ryoga!!  :D (P-Chan:Squeak!!)I have a few similar characteristics... mostly that I have no sense of direction so you know...


As for the favorite episode... I think I actually read it... It was the one of Ryoga and Akane visiting Ryoga's house. Funniest thing was finding the note from his parents. I beleive it said "Went shopping, be back in a month" something like that. It just toooooo funny cause my mother is the exact same way; :blush:  she dosen't know how to go anywhere besides work, Publix, and home. Very sad...  :p

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This is an Official Ranma update!!!


The second season has already come out on dvd. If you eant to know what it looks like it's an orange set and it has Akane's picture on the front.


My boyfriend and I already got it and started watching it... It's really funny stuff.


Another update is that the latest dvd from random Rhapsody has come out as well. It's called for the Love of Akane. I bought But I haven't seen it yet.


I'll let everyone know how it is a.s.a.p. :D

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::Stares at the box:: R-A-N-M-A 1/2 hmmm....should I watch it or take a nap....hhmmm

:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D


P-Chan realized asked me how you spell ranma the other day I thought it was funny....but on a serious note I was watching Ranma 1/2 with Mulan and with Lizi-chan at a dork party and then we stopped cause they started to play poker (how ever you spell that) But we watched most of the first season I think we went well into the second season actually...I have seen a lot and I mean A lot of Ranma I just don't remember it all......



ya pa pa ya pa pa ie nai ne....

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Haven't read much of the manga (maybe one chapter). The series, I watched a good bit of, but at the time, what I saw was supplied by video stores, which had a random and very incomplete collection of the series. It was before I learned of the joys of fansubs.

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Yeah! Long live to the fansubs!!


Another incentive to read the manga its because it has lot of nuddies parts :cheers: (Saddly in Argentina when they aired Ranma they cut it a big deal, saying that the Anime was watched by kids. Luckyly that station its long gone. It died in the hand of a bunch of ignorant dicks managers, who didnt know shit about anything).

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