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Innapropriate moments in gaming


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(i swear, i dont even know what original ideas feel like anymore)


So, many of us here have experienced them...moments in video games that seem, well, really fuckin innapropriate. Lets hear em!


Ill start this with the 2 that come to mind:


-Before Junker takes it...In Luigi's Mansion, Weegie has a bad, bad habit of, well, frankly when he's "inspecting" the furniture for money & such, he likes to get his groove on, and he's shameless about it ("oooh yeah!")...anyone who's played this one knows it.



-Ripped right off the the site itself...

Otacon's Revelation: "Wow, it's really sad that Emma had to die like that, and I rue my family's cursed lineage and wish I could change so many things, I guess I should take care of E.E.'s parrot and here's some ammo and MY STEPMOTHER MOLESTED ME, right, so let's save the hostages."



and that's before you recall the easter egges like Snake jerking off over the Codec to asian posters & such...

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Resident Evil 2 on the N64 (and probably on every other platform) has a nifty animation for when you die. It shows and overhead view of the zombies around you eating your dead body. Except, occasionally, instead of just eating you, one of the zombies will straddle your crotch and kinda gyrate up and down while they're eating.


Also (although this has become a classic joke since the first playstation game, and I admit it's damn funny) in MGS2, when you're with the hostages and you're supposed to be listening to the conversation between Ocelot and Solidus, you can turn the directional microphone around and listen to some guy in the bathroom having some major problems with his digestive system.


Also, if anyone here has played The Sims Online - there's an interaction called "grovel" where you can beg a person for something. Character A drops to their knees in front of character B. Then A crawls over to B (while pleading) wraps his/her arms around B's waist and pleads into B's lap. Look at the one from the right angle, whew.

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Oh yeah, and then there's that blowjob scene early on in Max Payne.


And there's a classically wrong Bond line (actually there's quite a few, but this one...sticks out) in 007: Nightfire.

Woman: Security is going to be very tight.

Bond: Anything can be penetrated with the proper tool.

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Hah! good ones Bob. Chiefy - damn howd i forget that one? Red Hat man, he was innapropriate through the whole damn game...

So outside of Leisure Suit Larry & other obvious ones, what PC ones come to mind for ya?

Oh..there was this lil known RPG for Turbografx, classic but sad one called Cosmic Fantasy II (dont ask)..only one i can recall where not only does the villian kidnap the girl, he's blatantly fucking her too from some of his potshots on the hero. Man, if that dont make you wanna see the fucker die, you must really not be into the game.

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