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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance


They've released Metal Gear Solid 2 for PC... FINALLY! The first one did come out a while back for PC as well, its probably in the cheap sections of EB right now.


Anyways, I'm reading along here... they're including some VR missions, some alternate stories, new characters.... sounds pretty interesting.

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Yeah, its been on consoles for a bit (X-box got theirs, i wanna say around christmas? PS2 just recently, but sadly didnt have the "making of DVD", sold seperately...), but im dyin to pick it up sometime cause i loved MGS2 so much, still one of my all-time favorites. Smooth controls, top notch story.the reasons many didnt like it (too much Raiden, not even Snake) are gone: play through the other missions with Snake, 200+ VR missions with him, Raiden, or the Ninja from part 1 (!), tons of hidden shit...take a game with what i considered damn near flawless controls/enginge and a really intricate story & expand on it just for the fans - even including an odd version of Tony Hawk's Pro Snake skating for some reason - and im nothin but excited about the extras. :D

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Please do; im dyin to hear more bout that one.

As for Substance...i wanna find it used for PS2 but as i understand it, the "Making of MGS2" DVD that came with the X-box version was sold seperately for PS2...anyone know about this? I never saw it for sale anywhere, was really interested in seein it, as ive read through Kojima's journal over at Gamespot....was wonderin if the DVD was any good.



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