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Better Luck Tomorrow Movie

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Eh, I dont know what all the fuss is about. Critics are raving about this one and some people are boycotting it, saying it portrays asians too negatively and all this. It was ok, but it ain't that fuckin special. It's about a group of Asian kids in California that get bored with Suburbia and they're good grades and decide to take up crime. They do the downward spiraling bit and it goes on from there. Anyways, it's directed with lots of style but little originality. It's one of those movie where the frame freezes and each character is introduced by voiceover, and there's lots of fast and slow motion and camera spinning all over the place. Now the one thing this movie doesn't have that others of it's type do is decent characters. Usually movies about groups of young people descending into crime have really cool characters and good dialogue. This group was a boring bunch. And though the movie got better in the last half hour, I really didnt care what happened to them.


And I don't see how this movie can be so fucking contraversial. It's amazing that just because Asians are commiting the same crimes peopel do in other flicks people find it offensive... So it's ok when asian with two uzis jumps through a window and kills two dozen people in one scene, but it's not ok when he steals a computer? Give me a fuckin break. Anyways, this movie was enjoyable enough, and maybe worth watching, but I really dont know what all the hoopla is about, I've seen it all before, done better. If these kids were white nobody would have given this movie a second thought I don't think.

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sundance award winner.... after junker's post, i'm wondering if sundance has gone down the tubes? anyway, i think i would wanna see it just to find out what the critics are raving about. most of the sundance movies that i rented at bb are, in fact entertaining. it would be nice though, if the damn trailer on the site worked.

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