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The dumb Mexican girl in Episode II

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One of my friends mentioned something to me about watching Episode II in Mexico. I don't know if it applies only to Mexican Spanish or all spanish (But since my cubano friends haven't mentioned anything to me, I guess not.) Chief, can you help out here?




Episode II didn't go over too well in Mexico


It was a lot of fun watching the battle with the young Boba Fett riding along with dad and all. Because his dad insisted on calling him

"Boba" all the time.


Problem is, in Spanish, "boba" is an insulting term for a dumb girl.


So on the screen, there were these really serious fights going on, and this little boy trying to be as evil as dad and all... and in the audience, we

were all basically rolling in the aisles in laughter... people screaming, "Vaya, boba!" and throwing popcorn at the screen and everything...


It was hilarious. You would have thought we were drunk or something.




Reminds me of the time CHrysler tried to market the 'Nova' in spanish speaking countries. THey had to cancel a multi million dollar campaign because in spanish 'no va' means 'doesn't move'.

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I just remembered an even more similar case. Here in Guyana we have a brand of icecream with a sea lion mascot. Both the seal and the icecream are called 'Bimbo'. Apparently the brand name goes all the way back to the forties. I'm not sure when Americans started using Bimbo as a word for dumb girl...

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