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Battle Royale manga

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Bought this comic recently and it blew me away. Exams have finished so thought I'd post a review.


For those who don't know, Battle Royale was originally a novel and was released as a movie a few years back. It is a story about a load of students taken to an island where they must kill eachother in order to survive. Kind of Lord of the Flies meets The Running Man. Japan made it into a film a few years back and it got a good reception here in Britian. However, due to the yankee gun laws and all-too-familiar school shottings it never got a release in the U.S. I'm guessing this comic weill be easier to track down.


For starters I am not an anime fan, my knowledge begins and ends with Crying Freeman of which I've read one issue. This comic has been released in Japan for years but has only just been translated (by Keith Giffen). It is kept very true to the original though and I found it initially very difficult to get used to reading right to left, as it has been kept. Sure, some of the translation doesn't read quite right but it is a good effort nonetheless. It is especially excellent since it is more based on the novel than the film so there is much more background story to the characters. It is also far more graphic, even than the film.


I would highly recommend it to anyone without a nervous desposition. The first issue really doesn't cover too much and my only criticism is that it looks like the 2nd installment isn't out till July. Can't wait.

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Glad to see this topics still hear, thought I'd bring it to the forefront again.


The series is up to number 8 (??) now I think and I'm looking forward to the next one coming out in a few weeks. The next book promisies to be excellent as it will include the infamous lighthouse scene (for those of you who have seen the film).


I really can't recommend this series enough. While there is the occasional dodgy translation, it can be overlooked when both the art and the characterisation are this good. With the Battle Royale film most characters dies without you even getting to see them. In the Manga you see almost everyones background and this connection makes the whole thing that much more tragic.


THe Manga isn't really that expensive and I believe the series will end at about number 12 or so. At least its not another Lone Wolf in that respect $$.


Anyone else buying this (or not) who wants to share their comments??

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Hmm...i coulda sworn 2T was hyped bout this one, over in a manga thread, but i didnt look into it as much cause he said it went in a different direction...so right now, im only following Rurouni Kenshin, Vagabond, Blade of the Immortal, and Samurai Executioner (the Lone Wolf spinoff)...id tell you that Lone Wolf is worth every penny, even being a $200+ series, but obviously, im very biased towards samurai books. :D


I was kinda let down by BR 2 personally....but the idea of some more backstory on the kids/victims looks interestin.

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ok, am I missing something??


IC, I haven't seen BR2 yet, but not exactly rushing to see it as I've heard its not too good. Will see it eventually though I'm sure.


As for the Manga, its source is BR1. It is much closer to the original book than the film because it includes so much more backstory and takes much more time killing each character off, one-by-one.


Especially good are some of the Mitsuko backstories that just make her seem like the devil incarnate. However, the most recent issue no. 8 showed a kind of messed-up side to her and seeks to explain where her viciousness comes from.


I'm not denying the greatness of the Lone Wolf and Cub comics, enjoyed reading Lizrad'c collection. He stopped buying them after about nukber 9 though. Rarrr :D

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