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Epicurus the Sage


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Sam Keith - now famous for such books as The Maxx, Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Zero Girl, his work on Sandman & a host of other cool books, did two rather unknown books for the now-defunct DC sub-division of Pirhana Press called Epicurus the Sage. I believe he co-wrote it with Willian Messner-Loebs.

The book was an excellent parody on Greek (and somewhat Persian) history, but specifically all on philosophy. I was fortuante to be introduced to the book by :D and his older brother Jumbie who apparently stumbled across copies back in Guyana, and was lucky to find a few at a used book store in Texas years later. There's been a number of philosophical parody works out there - film, etc - but this one's been one of my favorites since i first came across it.

Epicurus travles with Plato, as i recall, through misadventures throughout ancient Greece, interacting with gods, spartans, and an overactive Alexander the Great in his youth. To say more would risk spoiling some of the great material, but...if youre a fan of mythology as well, you should really check this one out.

I'm throwing this out there for 2 reasons: i wanted to make the 2 short volumes of this book aware to more people, and announce that, happily, Wildstorm picked up the rights to these 2 volumes ("The Many Loves of Zeus" and "Visiting Hades") and will be releasing them in a single trade paperback as of late august/early september.

Even better, this volume is said to have a new 36-page volume III by the same creative team! I'm really happy bout that. Those who've read it know, those who havent are welcome to my copy when its in, this one's really fun.



(Plato, Epicurus, young Alexander, and one of the happy heads of Cerebus in the background)


"You know, if it wasnt for all the glamour and respect involved, I'd be tempted to give up philosophy."

- Epicurus

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Ah, see Jax gives ya crap but how can ya fault a man who appreciates Sam Keith? Glad he gets some love over here, was suprised neither :D nor Jumbie had anythin to say on the trade....when i have an exact release date ill put it up here.

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2T, newtype, Panchalypse, someone coming to MegaCon: please remind me to find this book there, i sold my originals, and need this book back, if for no other reason to support Messner-Loebs during his hard years...god bless 'im for writing an awesome philosopher comic, with Sam Keith no less.

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