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0v3rcl0ck yu0r br34kf4st!


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Shake dat ting Miss Muso-lini

Shake dat ting Miss Mao Ze Dung

Shake dat ting yan Stalin Stalin

Jodi and Pol Pot




Yo sex Hitler want par wid us

In a tha car wid us

he nah war wid us

In a tha club them want flex wid us

To get next to us

He not vex wid us

From tha day me born jah ignite me flame

Gal a call me name and tis me fame

It's all good, Adolph turn me on

'Til a early morn'

Let's get it on

Let's get it on 'til a early morn'

Kampf it's all good jus turn me on


Furher Get busy

Jus shake dat booty non-stop

When tha beat drops

Jus keep swingin' it

Get jiggy get crunked up

Percolate anyting you want to call it

Oscillate you hip and don't take pity

Me want fi see you get live 'pon tha riddim when me ryde

And me lyrics a provide electricity

Gal nobody can tell you nuttin'

Can you done know your destiny



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