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Book-to-movie translations


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Nick: I liked the movie Shining, Just dont think it's as good as the book.


Seems' I've found the Stephen King fan club o the board. I dont go out of my way to watch king movies. I do make an effort not to watch a movie based on a book, til I've read the book. but it's not a strict rule.


"My bones and My Flute was written by Edgar Mittelholzer, A guyanese. I can't even find a copy here. Mittelholzr was a dabbler in the occult who eventually burned himself to death to get to "the other side". TOtall cuckoo and his book is kickass.


The great Ponds was done by Elichi Amadi of Nigeria.


Chrisalids is by John Wyndham. He's either an American or British scifi author. He should be easy to find


The painted bird is a really messed up book about a kid in a WW2 poland. The author, Jerzy Kosinski based it on his life, which to judge from the book was totally fucked up. Kosinski also killed himself... Hmm. I see a theme here.


Buried CHild is a Sam Shepard play. All his stuff is good.


A man for all season is a Robert Bolt play form 1962, which got made into a kickass movie, incidentally.

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Nick: Kevin Smith once listed "A man for all seasons" as his alltime facvortie movie. The new york times has an extended article in it's archives at www.nytimes.com where he talk about the movie as he watches it.


If this can't get you to the site, nothing will. While, you're there check out Doonesbury. I love that stuff.

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Way to make a guy feel retarded guys.  :angry:   damn you all and your over-culturedness.  I've only seen 2 book+movie combos in my life.  I read TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles the novel before movie came out, dammit i wish i hadnt, i would have loved the movie even more.  best 4 million money can buy.  (cheers for new line cinema) The only other film I have both read the book and seen the flick is Lord of hte Rings : Fellowship of hte Ring.  Great on both counts, I like how hte movie plays on the visual strengths, they dont pretend to tell the complete tale, its just not possible.  They do a damned good job at telling what they do.   Oh wait there is a nother one.  Same goes to the Harry Potter movie.  Great book, great film. I prefer the book more though, I'm a sucker for my own imagination.  Thats 3, count em, 3 flicks.  I feel real stupid now.  Thanks a lot guys.  :hmph:

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Harry Potter can go suck donkey dick. He's nothing but a ripoff of Timothy Hunter. In 1991's 'Books of Magic' Tim was the original orphan boy destined to become the greatest magician of his time.


Not only is he cooler, but how many magicians can say John Constantine is their 'uncle in magic'?

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Fine fine ill check out your nytimes.com, ya win.  But not Doonesbury.  I know its kinda funny, ive really liked a few strips, but always had somethin against it since someone lied to me way back when and it said it was a spinoff of "Bloom County", which as a political cartoon, i loved 10x more.  Guess i never got over the disappointment.

And Potter is an obvious Books of Magic rip.

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Cmon Nick, I can change! Put me in your room next semester with Spiffy, I'll be clean!


Lies...all lies! When ya werent stinkin up the place in your dexter's lab coat with your experimental curry, you were stickin your pee finger in other people's food!

:D just reminiscin over here....

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  • 4 years later...

Yeah, ive since figured out the outland thing, even tho i never see the strip anymore. The few 80's collections i have are classics.


Youre right about Cambell, but i mean the look, the concept, all of it seems spot-on...to be fair, ive never actually read or seen a Potter flick, so Jumbie'd know better than I. I could be missing out or something here.

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I am of the belief that most things that rediculously popular are over-hyped, but Harry Potter is an excellent series that is what I would call great literature. It is epic, it has an evergrowing cast of really great likable and dispicable layered characters and deserves all it's accolades. There is a good reason the books are so popular. They are good. The books do any much justice as they can. I'm waiting on the seventh book to see how Harry Potter measures up as a hero according to Lord Raglan's Scale of Mythological Heroism. I could start a new thread, but what the heck. From 1936's The Hero, by Lord Raglan:




1. The hero's mother is a royal virgin

2. His father is a king and

3. often a near relative of the mother, but

4. the circumstances of his conception are unusual, and

5. he is also reputed to be the son of a god

6. at birth an attempt is made, usually by his father or maternal grandfather, to kill him, but

7. He is spirited away, and

8. Reared by foster-parents in a far country

9. We are told nothing of his childhood, but

10. On reaching manhood he returns or goes to his future kingdom.

11. After a victory over the king and or giant, dragon, or wild beast

12. He marries a princess, often the daughter of his predecessor and

13. becomes king

14. For a time he reigns uneventfully and

15. Prescribes laws but

16. later loses favor with the gods and or his people and

17. Is driven from from the throne and the city after which

18. He meets with a mysterious death

19. often at the top of a hill.

20. his children, if any, do not succeed him.

21. his body is not buried, but nevertheless

22. he has one or more holy sepulchres.


How Some Heroes Scored


* Oedipus scores 21

* Theseus scores 20

* Moses scores 20

* Dionysus scores 19

* Jesus scores 19

* Anakin Skywalker scores 18

* Romulus scores 18

* Perseus scores 18

* Hercules scores 17

* Llew Llaw Gyffes scores 17

* Bellerophon scores 16

* Jason scores 15

* Mwindo scores 14

* Robin Hood scores 13

* Pelops scores 13

* Apollo scores 11

* Sigurd scores 11.

* Luke Skywalker scores 6

* With artistic lisense, Nicholas Custer scores 4


Harry Potter mets a minimum of 5 qualifications, but I suspect he will die in Book 7, so we will see.

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