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It's gotta be Edward Scissorhands  hands down (no pun intended) for me.  I just love the look of it.  The garish colors in the neighborhood, the slightly creepy bushes that Edward cuts... it just looks great.  Also has one of my favorite movie scores ever.  The music's just awesome.  The story is really simple, but really effective, it gets me every time.  I hope Burton can go back to making stuff like this again.

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No, he produced it, came up with all the characters, essentially wrote the story, designed just about everything in the movie, and then Henry Selick (James and the giant peach, Monkeybone) actually directed it.  It says "Tim Burton's 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'" which simply means that it's kind of his movie because it's all his ideas and his style. but the actual job of the guy who pointed the cameras and all that was Henry Selick.  Sort of like how they'll call it "Stephen Speilberg's Animaniacs" but he didnt actually direct any episodes.

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When I made the poll, I went to Yahoo shopping, got Burton's filmography under 'director', copied and pasted it into the poll and got rid of "Faerie Tale Theatre - Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (1984)" since there were 11 movies. I didn't even realize The Nightmare Before Christmas wasn't on there, and I own it on DVD.

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