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Oscars 2002

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Well, Oscar nominations are in, figure I'd post the ones I figure are worth mentioning and give my thoughts.


Best Picture

A Beautiful Mind

Gosford Park

In the Bedroom

Lord of the Rings

Moulin Rouge


Best Director

Robert Altman for Gosford Park

Ron Howard for Beautiful mind

Peter Jackson for LotR

David Lynch for Mulholland Drive

Ridley Scott for Black Hawk Down


Best Actor

Rusell Crowe for Beautiful mind

Sean Penn for I am Sam

Will Smith for Ali

Denzel Washington for Training Day

Tom Wilkinson for In the Bedroom


Best Actress

Halle Berry for Monster's Ball

Judi Dench for Iris

Nicole Kidman for Moulin Rouge

Sissy Spacek for In the Bedroom

Renee Zellweger for Bridget Jones's Diary


Best Adapted Screenplay

Beautiful mind

Ghost World

In the Bedroom




best Original Screenplay


Gosford Park


Monstar's Ball

Royal Tenebaums



This is just about the same thing that happens every year, very good movies get the most nominations, but the absolute best ones are barely mentioned.  I'd say that Memento, Mulholland Drive, Monster's Ball and the Royal Tenebaums got robbed. Heh, funny, the Best Original Screenplay catagory is closer to what my best pic picks would be.  Billy Bob Thorton got raped with no vasoline this year.  He gave two badass performances (The Man who Wasn't there, and Monster's Ball) and doesn't even get a nomination?  Sacrilege!  The two indie flicks they decided to give props to are Gosford Park (cause Altman, the guy who did the MASH movie, Nashville, other good stuff, is a god), and In the Bedroom, which they just couldn't ignore.  Monster's Ball just came out, so I doubt enough of those acadamy screwheads have seen it yet, but Berry will pick up best Actress for sure.  They have absolutely no excuse for not nominating Royal Tenebaums for more stuff.  I say they probably give it the Screenplay one, out of an extreme sense of guilt, just like Almost Famous last year.  Oh, and they have a new best animated film catagory this year, and they already fucked that up, nominees are Shrek, Monsters Inc.  and jimmy neutron Boy genius.  These people didn't see shit that wasn't advertised all over the place, I swear.  A great Animated movie called "Waking Life"  came out a little while back, cool, new style of animation, and an overall great movie, certainly better than Jimmy friggin Neutron.  Eh well.  I don't think many of you have seen a lot of these, lord knows I've had to hunt some of them down in this Godforsaken city. But now  Palace is playing Amelie, and In the Bedroom, and Town and Country is playing monster's ball, and royal tenebaums I think. So now you all have a chance to check em out.Well, that's enough bitching out of me, you can all wake up now and post what you think.  



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what ever else ....i am sure that kidman will pick up best actress. I dont know why... maybe its because Crusie left her because she was  a bitch and she'll get the pity vote from all the women on the oscar panel.


and if monento doesnt get best original scerrnplay than what everelse wins better be fooking damn good.


what are the other nomination for LOTR.?

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Ya could be right about Kidman, I just figured they'd give it to Berry since she's done nothing but bitch about getting no good roles for her whole career, and she finally got one, and she did pretty badass, everybody made a big deal about her being nominated.  Sissy Spacek is lookin' good for this one too since she rocked and In the Bedroom has to win something so they'll find a way to throw it a bone...  and I'd have no problems with any of the screenplay nominees winning, 'cept maybe gosford park, movie was great, but screenplay wasnt special.... memento should certainly win something.  Oh, and the other shit LotR won was technical stuff.  "Best sound"  "best sound editing"..... the differance is...?  Ian Mkcellan is up for best supporting actor, a buncha little stuff.  I dunno, most catagories could be won by anyone this year, that's nice.

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If you want recommendations for a few of these I say you should see, I'd say my favs were Amelie, Royal Tenebaums, Mulholland Drive, Memento, and I guess  In the Bedroom and Monster's Ball if you like good acting and character driven stuff.  Next one on my list is Ghost World, I've heard good stuff, and Heartless was talkin' it up, plus, it's already on DVD.

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Oh, yeah, I loved Beautiful mind.  Sure, Crowe might deserve the Oscar this year, but I say he shouldn't get it, just 'cause he sure as hell didn't deserve one for gladiator!  This should even things out.  :sneaky:   Oh, also Jennifer Connelly (chick who play's Nash's wife)  is up for best supporting actress, it'd be nice if she won that, cause she's just a really cool actress.  She's up against two british people from gosford park, kate winslet and marissa tomei, so she's got a shot.  And like I said, they do always give really good movies the most nominations, but I didn't think those were the absolute best this year.  But this year was actually pretty good for movies (especially in the last month or two) so if they gave Beautiful mind best pic I wouldn't argue.

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