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Best Purely Instrumental Rock Song

Reverend Jax

What is the best purely instrumental rock song?  

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OK, so there are technically some lyrics in Wipeout and Tequila, but it's just one word, it's basically an instrumental. And there are vocals in Miserlou and The Great Gig In The Sky, but those are just singing/yelling 'whoa!' and 'yeah!'


Anyway, I'd be willing to bet good money I missed a crucial one, but I can edit this poll if I missed one that is truely quintessential.

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Right, right, not those 2....id say:

Dick Dale's Miserlou

The Edgar Winter Group's Frankenstein

Faith No More's Woodpecker From Mars

Green Day's Espionage

Incubus's Battlestar Scralatchtica

Rush's La Villa Strangiato or YYZ


The Who, Led, Floyd & Beach Boys ones all ring bells, i guess ill havta download em when Spiffy's done with tonite's mad kazaa movie fest.

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