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Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-EVERYBODY DANCE NOW-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum


Anyone read this book? Anyone reading this topic? Hello...? Anyways, NYX was actually pretty good (the first two issues at least). Middleton's art is pretty as anything and Quesada, God bless 'im has crafted a pretty tight story. I really wanna see where this one is going and I can't wait to see who the character related to one of the X-Men is. Maybe a Guthrie or another Summers (they're all over the gaff, they are). Then again, what would a Guthrie be doing in Alphabet City?


One question though - why the need to have Kiden sitting on the john in the first ish? Couldn't she just be hanging in the bathroom? I'll only rest my war against this scene if it turns out that Kiden's taking a dump because she was coming up on ecstasy...I know a guy who does it all the time and likes to chat to whoever is outside the can when he does. Suffice to say, I've heard some pretty funny ass (no pun intended) shit before :D

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Was curious bout this one, didnt jump on tho, figure ill wait till the TPB to see if its more than hype. "Related to an X-man"...you might be right with Guthrie, but if its Summers, that's a cop-out...i mean, Cable, Havok, that Corsair space guy, rumors of Gambit ( :ill: ), how small is this place anyway?

But i hear Middleton's art is excellent, any online samples besides the nice cover?

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Sharp...this "amerimanga" or whatever its called is evolving a bit; its not quite manga anymore, but im diggin it. Tsunami had some pretty good ideas overall, which it got more support - still lookin forward to grabbin the Runaways TPB. You know, i think i was the only one who didnt think Namor # 1 sucked, too.

So, youre 2 issues into this one? What do you think of the writing; is Quesada pullin it off, or is this one of those Byrne projects that "has its finger on the pulse of the youth" with dialouge like "gnarly!" and biker gangs?

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Hehehehehehehehehe....Byrne baby Byrne... :D


Y'know, there's a few moments when ya think "Oh that Quesada!" but the storyline is so strong that it's okay. Plus, as you saw the art is damn good.


So waitaminute - the Runaways TPB is back on? Sweet! Hows about New Mutants? That's the one I really wanna pick up (I useta love 'em back in the day, even when they "graduated" to the X-Force) but I was waaay to behind to be arsed getting the issues.

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Yes and no...the rumor (im not sure if its confirmed, we should check your Newsarama there) is that theyre lookin at traveler-sized editions, like the CrossGen ones. I know Runaways & Sentinels made it, i believe New Mutants did...again, ill try to look it up for ya.

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Well...this was, what some thing, Jemas' attempt to take some of the bookstore crowd that the manga scene - specifically, TokyoPop - is dominating. So it is a bit of a surprise to see this in danger, but...

Change of plans. Jemas is out, someone who many believe will fall in line with Avi Arad's "we need movie material stories/characters" agenda is in. Bill's not even out the door yet, and the plug's been pulled on Epic for all intents and purposes; it looks like a few titles of this line are seein the same fate. I guess im just happy if they still make trade, since i dont really know all the goings-on, you know? Even Darcik at his site is hush-hush.

As for CrossGen..their days may be numbered, hard to say. Theyre pulling "The Path", the one title i really liked, and i havent read the last month or two so im thinkin it might be blatantly premature. Way of the Rat survived, i think, but i dont read the others, outside of Red Star, which'll just end up back at Image. We'll see, eh?

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I guess where this thread left off was at issue 2... that means that this shit hasn't been read in a while!! Now we're up to issue 5 (it should be on 10 the way it's been shipping) and we all know who the relative is (here's a hint... SHIKT)! Anyways, issue 5 was good and we have yet another character introduced, but I ain't tellin! Nothing special really, but I hope they ship a little quicker! I'm a big Quesada fan so I like it! READ IT!!!

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So, this book's gaining heat, due to X-23 (# 3 is going for $50?) and her new mini-series, which Marvel's doin ok with so far, but im still not hyped...


Anyway, Newsarama says the series ties up soon...




NYX #5, page 4Roughly nine months after the last issue was out, and three or four months after it’s last solicitation, Marvel has confirmed that NYX will see its final two issues ship in June and July. The series’ earlier issues will be collected in the form of two Marvel Must Have editions. Robert Teranishi, who pencilled issue #5 will provide the art for the final two issues.


The series, which launched to critical acclaim and solid sales in October of 2003, written by Joe Quesada and fully illustrated by Joshua Middleton. The series (which was already a point of controversy due to a rather public tirade by artist David Choe, who, with Brian Wood, was associated with a version the concept prior to Quesada and Middleton’s version seeing life) was hampered by late shipping virtually out of the gate, with issue #2 slipping a few weeks, #3 roughly on time, and then a five month gap between that and issue #4, which finally hit in May of 2004 (which writer, and Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada took full blame for). Issue #5 hit shops last October, with #6 and #7 promised by late 2004 or early 2005. Along the way, the series, which had originally been announced as an ongoing, was cut to a miniseries, with issue #7 being the final issue.


NYX #6We spoke with editor C.B. Cebulski about the series’ final hurrah.


First up – the delay in reaching issue #5, the reported back on track issue. “After Josh Middleton left, and Robert Teranishi came on board with issue #5, there were some growing pains in getting Rob adjusted to the style and match what Josh was doing,” Cebulski said. “Josh is such a fantastic artist, and was handling everything from pencils to inks to color on the book, so we had to find Rob an inker and a colorist who, together would be able to…not match, but at least appear similar to Josh’s work from the first four issues.


NYX #5, page 6“We worked hard on that, and think it worked well – that was why there was such a delay between #4 and #5. Now, between #5 and #6 – there’s been another substantial delay, which was due to more personal things that got in the way with Joe and Rob, individually. Once everyone was back and running, and back in full health, we’ve been working on NYX #6 and #7. We’ve been doing pretty quietly to get a bunch in the can so that we can actually release it after we announce that it’s coming. We wanted to make sure we had enough ready to go, so that by the time it’s solicited, both issues will be done.”


According to Cebulski, issue #6 will be regular-sized, while #7 will be double-sized.


As for continuity of one of the series characters, while NYX #3 was the Marvel Universe debut of X-23, it’s essentially the middle chapter. “The last page of Craig Kyle’s X-23 series will lead directly into where she showed up in NYX #3 for the first time,” Cebulski explained. “In X-23, you’re going to find out how she came to be in the position she was in when we first saw her in New York City. After the NYX storyline, her next chronological story is the one that began in Uncanny X-Men #450.


Finally, issue #6 will round out the series’ cast, introducing two new characters, Tatiana and Felon. Both have already been seen on the covers for issues #6 and #7. And as for any potential lateness, Cebulski said to look somewhere else. “Both scripts are in and approved, right now, Rob is halfway through #6, so we’re going to hit our ship dates.”


not middleton, but not bad.







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Yeah, lotta folks at Newsarama are sayin that too, callin it the Marvel "Battle Chasers"...between this one, and Kevin Smith's books, schedules arent an issue. Im not sure why Quesada still does books that arent one-shots, with his apparent schedule.


Still, i think the goal of NYX was to introduce X-23, whose series is bi-weekly, and well underway (again, her 1st appearence is up there right now, which i had a copy to ebay...). Its a shame tho, cause on your say-so i read it, enjoyed it, and i too loved Middleton's art, hope to see more of it in the future. With a lot of Marvel "Tsunami" artists going for that american-manga style, Middleton really stood out.

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Holy shit - I just saw what NYX 3 is going for.....must grade mine....


"Mr. 2track?"


"We graded your funny book"


"And. Well...okay, we were thinking about this around the office, but what exactly did you do to it?"


"I mean is that semen or...."


Hmmmm...maybe I shouldn't.


Seriously though I'd say my copy of that lil' number is fucked up now (as I said I'm not really bothered with single issues anymore, I loves me my trades), so I could probably get a buck for it..... :D

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