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Looney Toons: Back in Action


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Yeah, I went to see this one cause a friend of mine had passes. I just don't understand the thought process of this stuff. WHy not just make a goddamned looney toons movie? Why make it a craptacular Roger Rabbit wannabe? Why spend all kinds of money on real explosions and bugs and daffy riding in a CG spaceship when you could just make a fookin cartoon?


Eh, anyways, this one isn't any better than the trailers make it out to be. It's not very funny, it doesn't look all that great, there's pretty much no reason you shouldn't save the money you would have spent on this and buy the newly released, excellent looney tunes: the golden collection DVD, or the more affordable premiere collection. You'll laugh a thousand times more during one 5 minute short on there than you will during the entirety of this flick.


One exception though, there is one great scene. There's this scene where elmer fudd is chasing bugs and daffy through an art museum and they jump into and out of paintings, as they do this, they take on the characteristics of the paintings (when in the Dali clocks painting they melt, etc). This scene is almost worth the price of the movie. The rest is just sort of there. And I feel really bad for the kids on this one, because 90% of the gags are very weird, very obscure, inside jokes. Really random shit like bringing in Robbie the Robot and Timothy Dalton.... anyways, don't bother with it, get that DVD instead.

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(Sigh) I was afraid that's how this one would turn out. But I'm still tempted to go see it because maybe if this one makes money they will make a full-length Looney Tunes movie. The Emperor's New Groove showed us that a film with Warner Bros style humor could really work. It could be even better with the original Warner Bros characters.

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