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Alright...I was able to catch this flick on opening day mind you in a small theater, so I had to sit up in the front and my neck still hurts.  But the comedy was worth the uncomfortableness.  Haven't seen Christina Applegate in a movie since Don't tell mom the Babysitter is dead .  Great comeback role.  This was just a fun chick flick with some great but mostly tasteful vulgar stuff.  If you are looking for a movie that will lift your spirits after the hard week of finals, this one's for you.  It's got it all, sex appeal and even a purple elephant.   :D There is a reason why cameron diaz is one of the most sexiest actress out there.  And this movie just adds to her resume...If you loved There's something about Mary then you'll love this cool new flick. :D

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Yeah, at first look she seems like an average actress who's good looks propel her into stardom, but she's actually pretty damned good.  She's actually pretty funny in the normal comedies, and tends to star in the better comedies, and she ventures out to do stuff like malchovich and vanilla sky to prove she knows what she's doing.  She's gonna be in the new Scorsese movie, Gangs of New York, which is looking great.  Not my favortie actress, but her actual talent is really underrated.  She's a lot better than some peopel give her credit for.

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