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Had to see this movie for Sociology class so I figured I'd review it.  I wouldn't really bother watching this one.  You've seen it all before, done better.  It's a very average hostage flick, the only thing separating it from others being that it's also a big advertisement for free healthcare.  Before you walk in you'll already know everything that happens and how it'll turn out.  If you want a good hostage movie, watch dog day afternoon, and if you want to know about national healthcare, watch politically incorrect or something.  Movie has a cool cast that's just completely wasted on a script that was pulled off a bookshelf full of cliches at hollywood.  "Hostage movie script?  That would be under H... ok, hey Bob, photocopy this and write a coupla lines about healthcare in it will ya?  Then send it over to those guys pronto, they've got a movie to shoot!"  :D


 Oh, and for those who would like to know, next one I'm plannin on seeing is "When we were soldiers."  Irish, you should be drooling over this one.  Directed and adapted by the guy who wrote Braveheart.  Even though it's a Vietnam movie,  I hear it's not all about fatalism and the futility of war, like damned near every other war movie recently.  It supposedly has the John Wayne sensibility of "we've got something to fight for" so I wouldn't mind seeing a patriotic VN movie for once.

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Shame to hear that bout Q, Denzel's usually great, thought that one looked interestin, albeit cliche.  

Junker - When we were soldiers, this weekend? Gimme call, Bacchus'll be up for it too.  Saturday i got off all day, lemme know - that goes for anyone else interested (local - no smartass texan fernandezes :D)

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