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Once the oscars are given out they're gonna take a bunch of great movies out of theaters so I figure I'd post the few I've been hyping up that are still in theaters.  


In the Bedroom - Dammit, this one was good.  Sure, not a feel-good movie, but great acting and direction, about how people deal with loss.  Sounds boring but it had me glued to the seat long after the credits were over... (PLaying at town and country ans sunset place over here in Miami)


Monster's Ball - Why is Halle Berry up for an Oscar?... Cause she had the best damned performance this year, thats why.  Another one that isn't exactly a ray of sunshine, about two poeple that are too damned miserable to care about race and everything else...  Looks great, and written and acted better than anything I've seen for a while.  (also playing at sunset and T&C)


Gosford Park - Bear with the clusterfuck of characters and you get a great movie about the upper and lower class set in an Agetha Christie-style whodunnit plot.  Very funny.  (Playing at Kendal 9 down here)


A Beautiful mind - I don't really have to say anything about this one.  Forget about all you're hearing about it and Russel Crowe and all that crap.  Just watch it.  Great acting, really interesting and uplifting story.  (Playing damned near everywhere.)


Black Hawk Down and we were soldiers - Great war movies, very differant from one another but I'm typing too damned much as it is... just watch them


Other than that I can tell you nothing reliable because these theaters are switching movies by the week.  Currently I'm trying to see if anything is showing Italian for Beginners, the bicycle thief, khandahar, and lantana.  So watch those if you find em, they're sure to be pretty good. ::shrugs:: Also looking for "Monsoon Wedding,"  one of them "bollywood" movies from bombay... I know, they are pretty much musicals, but this goddamned bollywood thing is supposedly a bigger industry than our hollywood, so I'm willing to give it a chance.  Post about it if you know anything about those. 'nuther one of those that's supposedly good is "lagaan" which is on video, I'll rent it soon, sounds interesting.  Just thought I'd put some titles out there, so if one person sees Monster's Ball instead of Resident Evil my life will be complete.

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Uh...those are all on my Netflix list, um, yeah.

PS Resident Evil, baby! That shit was surprisingly better than i figured, tho Millia Jockovich jump-kickin a demon dog was one of the scariest parts, for me.  :scared: :ill:

Junker, which would you see was the best on that list?

Oh, and also, apparently there's gonna be one called "Insomnia" with Robin Williams + Al Pacino! -  so m'boys back in the saddle again, finally...whats it been, a few years since "Any Given Sunday"?

PS For Yahven...


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Hmm, best?  Very hard to say.... I guess it would be either In the Bedroom or Monster's Ball.... I guess in the bedroom if I were at gunpoint.  Oh, and Amelie is still showing at a scant few theaters.  So if you feel like going to coral gables or sunrise (yes, sunrise is in fort lauderdale), that one is probably my favorite of the recent ones.  That one and Royal Tenenbaums which sadly is no longer playing.  If ya wonder how I find these movies in obscure theaters, try out fandango it helps me find obscure shit in movie theaters I've never heard of.

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Junkerseed, you seem pretty up on some pretty obscure new movies.


Have you seen 'The Son's Room (La Stanza Del Figlio)' by Italian director Nanni Moretti (Aprile, Dear Diary, etc)? Went to see it about a month back in my local independent and was definitely one of my fave films of this year.


What is up for best foreign film? If that one isn't, it sure should be.

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*#$@!!!  Dammit MLB you had to remind me about the son's room.....  That goddamned thing is only playing in the beach over here where traffic sucks and parking costs your firstborn son...  I guess I'll have to make the excursion out there to watch it soon.  It'll be out of theaters within like two weeks I bet.


As for who's up for best foreign film, sons room aint on there because I don't think it came out in time, it counts for this next year.  Nominees this year are Amelie (which ROCKED), Lagaan, No Man's Land (which I was dying to see but nowhere shows it), and a couple i've never head of "Elling," and "Son of the bride."

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