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...however, it's got Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Walking Dead) at the helm, and he's one of my favorite newer writers, so I'm hyped about the project...enough so to jack the article & art from Newsarama...




And now, we yield the floor to the gentleman from Marvel, Image, and just about everywhere else: Robert Kirkman, who’d like to offer some gentle persuasion on why you should be pre-ordering Marvel Team-Up #1 (as well as all of your monthly comics) as soon as you get done reading this.


Nice guy that he is, Kirkman also let a few pages of colored art from issue #1 out of his vise-like grip for some visual aid. Without further ado, here’s the writer guy.


Five reasons to pre-order Marvel Team-Up.


1. This book is your one-stop-shop for the Marvel Universe.



Sure it says Wolverine and Spider-Man are teaming up but in the second issue alone we see: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Latveria, S.H.I.E.L.D., Dum Dum Dugan, the X-Mansion, Jubilee, Nova the Human Rocket, and not one but two surprise villains!! Just like how in my Captain America #29 we saw a cameo of Moon Knight and Spider-Man we'll be seeing everyone pop up in this book. This is a return to a cohesive Marvel U where Hulk can be hopping around the everglades and bump into Man Thing. Where a visit to Canada could mean an appearance by Wendigo. You miss seeing obscure Marvel heroes? THIS is your book. Just because it says Iron Man and The Hulk team-up in this issue doesn't mean you won't get to see The New Warriors, or Moon Knight or Ghost Rider or anyone or everyone. If you like the Marvel Characters and the universe they live in... you will like this book.


2. Scott Kolins has channeled the power of all the gods and rather than use that power to cure diseases and end world hunger he's using it to create some of the best comic art known to man.



The world's loss is your gain. Forget Earth's Mightiest Heroes, forget his Avengers run, forget Flash, forget that kick ass BPRD story he drew! this is Scott Kolins at the top of his game. Every page is a meticulously interwoven masterpiece of insane detail and storytelling skill the likes of which we may never see again in our lifetimes. Scott Kolins is pulling out all the stops, putting them back and then pulling them out again just to make sure he did it right. Every page in this book is a winner. I've seen them, they're great. If you've ever loved Scott Kolins work you owe it to yourself to check our this book. If you've never liked Scott Kolins work you oweOWE it to yourself to check out this book. It's just that good.


3. Robert Kirkman loves this book and is throwing everything he loves about the Marvel U into this thing.



Robert Kirkman is a geek. Robert Kirkman thinks it's just as weird as you do to be talking about himself in the third person. Robert Kirkman loves the Marvel Universe. If it was a fine looking long legged broad (and he wasn't already married) he'd marry it. He's pouring his heart and soul into this book. If you like seeing a creator genuinely enjoy working on a project that he loves, this is the book to read. You've heard the buzz on Invincible and The Walking Dead, and you're more than likely picking those books up (or you plan to, that's cool too) but also... you want to see what this guy can do in the mainstream... well here's your chance!


4. The cover price is so low, it's practically free!


You can afford $2.25 can't you? I mean, really... how many books are that cheap these days? Not many. That's almost a full 75 cents lower than most Marvel books. You can't beat that with a stick.


5. Pre-Order the book and you're guaranteed to get it!



Don't just run into your store and expect it to be there. How many times have you gone to the store to pick up your favorite book and found that it has sold out and that you now have to drive across town to the other store or get it online and wait to read it? Never, if you're a responsible pre-ordering comic reader. You got a pull list at your local store? You're pre-ordering. Your job is done. You arrive every week (on whichever day is convenient) and you get your stack of books and it's exactly what you want. Your retailer thanks you. The only way to guarantee your books will be there is to be kind and courteous enough to inform your retailer ahead of time that you would like a copy to be held for you. Comics retailing ain’t easy. The way this industry is set up with a no return policy means that retailers have to order all their books ahead of time and then they’re stuck with them. These brave souls have to guess how many they can sell using market research and plain old intuition. Make their jobs easier... let them know ahead of time, what books you want. Then you get your books and retailers have a little less guess work to do. It’s a win/win situation! Pre-Ordering is your friend. It's the responsible thing to do. So seriously, even if it's not Marvel Team-Up (and come on, throw a guy a bone here) start pre-ordering your comics.


Marvel Team-Up #1 will be in stores on 11/03/04 and #2 will arrive 11/17/02. Time's a wastin' pre-order today!


More preview art/sketches











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Oh I like Kolins' pencils, it's just the linework that bugs me. It's all done in just black lines of the same thickness and value. Basically it's not inked at all, it's just outlined. That can be ok if you've got an Isanove digital painting for the coloring, but I don't think the color here is quite rich enough to warrant the complete lack of inking.

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Kirkman's goin nuts, and it looks cool:





by Ryan McLelland


Robert Kirkman has wowed fans and critics alike with his take on the classic Marvel comic series, Marvel Team Up. Instead of teaming up a random hero with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as the series from the seventies and eighties did, Kirkman brings two heroes together while telling an overall story arc that ties issues together as well as gives the feel that the Marvel Universe is one large, cohesive setting. The results have been well received and Kirkman has thoroughly enjoyed the ride.


“I’m having a blast,” said Kirkman on writing the series. “So far I’ve gotten to use any Marvel character I choose and just run with it. People seem to like the book and I’ve got some big stuff coming up so this is a super fun book to write.”


Kirkman lives by the overall story arc format that the series has been successful with thus far. “For me that's what gives the books its life. If it's just a series of random team-ups what's the point? I wanted to try something different with this book, tying things together in weird ways. I think when people get through the ‘Master of the Ring’ story arc that's running now they'll either think it was really cool how things tied together or really stupid, but no matter what, they'll be entertained. So either way, I'll be happy.”




Mixing up the old with new some might have been surprised to see an early issue featuring Spider-Man and one of the newest Marvel heroines, X-23 mixing it up. The issue, an early favorite, featured what could be said as Kirkman’s best dialogue to date, including Spider-Man looking X-23 over and thinking she was Wolverine asking, “What did they do to you!?”


Bringing all of the characters together into a book is a simple process for Kirkman, “I usually come up with characters I'd like to use, a villain or a conflict to throw them against, and then I figure out ways to use all the heroes I want and have it all make sense. In the end, I've got a team-up arc. The characters come first though; I'm usually building stories around the characters. That way it's easy to figure out how to squeeze in Spider-Man nine thousand times.”


Characters often swing easily into a panel never to be seen in the next which makes perfect sense to Kirkman. “I think with all the Marvel characters that operate out of New York they’d almost be tripping over each other. That’s why it’s so natural for there to be a Team-Up book. Some of them mean something; some of them are just Nova flying by so Scott Kolins can draw him. It depends. Their importance - if any - will be revealed in later issues.”




Case in point, an early-on Moon Knight cameo which foreshadowed the character’s return to headline, or co-headline status in issue #7, paired with one of Spider-Man’s 9,000 appearances.


The series also marks a return of something rarely seen in Marvel comic books today: the letter column. Mostly phased out during the nineties, the letter column has given a place for fans of the series to give their accolades or negative feedback. “Tom Brevoort the book's editor told me that when we started out we were getting the most mail of any Marvel book. That might be because we were one of the first books to have an active letters column, but I choose to think it's because the book is awesome. The mail has all been overwhelmingly positive, so I can't really complain on that front. People seem to like the book all right.”


Fans of Kirkman’s should also be familiar with Sleepwalker which was to be part of the Epic line launch but only saw its first issue printed in the Epic Anthology. Kirkman, a huge fan, is excited to see the character make an appearance in issue ten. “I held out as long as I could but in the end I realized if I don't use him, who will?! I really just want to see the guy in print. I've already got Scott's pages for his scene and they're awesome. Scott draws one of the best Sleepwalker's in the biz, but that's no surprise right? Scott's the man.” Kirkman seems to downplay the involvement of one certain reporter’s favorite character, “No Howard the Duck though. What, do you think I'm crazy?!”


With the end of ‘The Master of the Ring’ story arc with issue readers will have read the team-up adventures featuring some of Marvel’s finest like Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Sleepwalker, Blade, The Punisher, Captain America, Wolverine, and the Black Cat. As for what’s upcoming, “The next arc will run from issues #11-13 and will feature Doctor Strange, Nova, The Hulk, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk along with Spider-Man and Wolverine. After issue #13, I'm keeping a tight lid one what's coming up but I'll tell you right now, it's going to be huge - and it may or may not include appearances from Terror, Inc and SuperPro.”



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