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What makes music truly worthy of praise?


One day when I was ranting about lip-synchers, :D said to me, "Who cares if they sing their own stuff if it sounds good?" Made some sense but I still don't like lip-synchers. I feel cheated.


An article from the NYTimes on the issue:




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Ever wonder why OutKast and the Roots and Mos Def and the Beastie Boys get taken so much more seriously than other rappers?


...good lyrics? Instruments, talent, and impressive live shows? Being something other than what's engineered by Clear Channel and...shit, think this article is on to me.


i wont take from fun pop stuff, but everyone's entitled to enjoy music with something resembling a soul behind it more. Besides, is this article attempting to evict empathy for the multi-platinum pop stars who retire off the money from 15-year old girls? Britney's crying all the way to the bank.

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For me 'The Strokes' mention spoke volumes. Here is someone writing about rockism who probably believed Ashlee Simpson's error was really the band's fault for playing the wrong song. :D


Sorry if I'm mistaken but doesn't the L in SNL stand for 'Live'. Besides, its not just rock fans who feel cheated by lip-synching. An outdoor pop-festival named 'Party in the Park' was killed by the pop-loving public after it was revelaed that about 90% of the acts lip-synced. While Kylie Minogues performance might have been boring at least it was sung live.


And when did we all agree that Nirvana's neo-punk was more respectable than Ms. Carey's neo-disco?


Oops looks like you missed that meeting. You must have been on the Hammer boat (see Bill Hicks) :D


There's a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for doo-wop groups and folk singers and disco queens and even rappers - just so long as they, y'know, rock.


I think I must be a rockist by her definition. However, I won't be looking in the mirror and re-examining my opinions. While I love rock, folk, hip hop, dance, etc... also make up a big part of my tastes and do not resemble rock in any way.



Sorry for the rant. This article has really got my goat. Rarrggghhh :D

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