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If you didn't read my last post in "software must-haves", I've been experimenting with no-ip.com's Dynamic DNS services. I've been able to configure my router to allow me to dial into my home PC from any internet connection with Windows XP Pro. My goal has been to run a little web server and FTP from my personal box at home, and it seems I'm almost there! I'm pretty excited, I love learning new stuff.


Anyhow, my web address for now is: CLICK HERE

My FTP address is CLICK HERE but I am not allowing anonymous access so you'll have to mail me for a username and password given at my discretion :D


Anyhow, if you're on DSL/Cable with Dynamic IP's you really should give no-ip.com a shot.. I was in class yesterday running my home computer remotely and putting new stuff in the FTP, it's fun fun fun!

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Well, I made some changes to the FTP.


I've placed all of my MP3 directories on the FTP for your downloading pleasure. Only 5 logged on users at a time though, as my poor little comp will take a dump if it handles any more than that.


If you don't have a username / password and you're interested, let me know.

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