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Reverend Jax

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Here's the new lame idea: Just like Weird Al takes existing songs and changes the lyrics to be about TV or food (mostly food), take a song and change the lyrics to be about Hondo's. Not sure how? Follow my lead:


Sung to the tune of Woodstock by Crosby Stills Nash & Young


Original Lyrics

I came upon a child of God

He was walking along the road

Asked him, where are you going, mister told me

Said I'm going down to Yasgar's farm

Gonna join in a Rock N' Roll Band

Gonna get back to the land that set my sould free


Hondified lyrics:

I saw a guy in the computer lab

He was on this site of hours

Asked him, what site is that, mister told me

Said I'm loggin' on to Hondo's Bar

Gonna post in this thread called Blargh

Gonna talk about anything that comes to me

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