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I'm a whore for commentary tracks, dunno if any of you guys are, but either way here's my geeky "I love commentary tracks" thread. So if you love 'em too tell us the best ones! (no ViewAskew however 'cause we all know how kick ass they are, give us something new)


Cannibal: The Musical

Okay, so ya get Trey Parker, Matt Stone and a chunk of the cast getting drunk as fuck talking about how shitty and long the flick is, then when they get drunken, how great and not long enough the movie is. Trey Parker getting pissed off at his ex while very drunk and calling her out for fucking some other dude (who's now the manager of a supermarket) the week before they got married is brilliant, as well as the "What time is it...? Let's go to a titty bar" are just hillarious. Plus, if they could change the movie in any way they'd add in that Jabba the Hut scene that got cut.....




Titty bar.....titty bar....best director's track in the history of the world fuck you!
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