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Ray, another best picture nominee that was pretty good. Man, if you went on oscar nominations alone, you'd swear that the bio-pic is the most kickass genre of all time.


Anyways, Ray tells the story of ray charles, of course. He goes blind, plays music, does heroin, does women, all roughly in that order I guess. Jamie Foxx carries the movie just fine. His performance is one of the best of the year, and his oscar will be well deserved. His voice is great (sometimesit's him singing, sometimes Ray charles), and he does the piano playing himself. The musical scenes are really great, and don't slow down the movie at all, I liked the direction, I liked the cinematography, Generally i thought it was good stuff.


It has some rough bits, like a bit of overdirrecting when Ray is in rehab, and a really fucking terrible ending, some of this keep Ray from being truly excellent, but thems the breaks.


Anyways, if you think you might like ray, you'll like ray. I like Taylor Hackford (the director), I liked jamie fox in it, it was good stuff.

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thought it was good, Jamie Foxx did an awesome job. At the end when they showed the real footage of Ray Charles you couldn't tell the difference. Wasn't one of those movies however, that I would purchase, and for me that's the gauge of how much I enjoyed a movie... but it was a fine movie and I do agree that bio movies are becoming a good genre

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