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The reviews have been mixed. Most call the game a "fair" rip-off of Max Payne (not the character, the gameplay). Still, it''s probably worth at least a rent for fans. The game's story was supposed to have been written by Ennis and Palmiotti. Looks like it's based quite a bit on Welcome Back, Frank.

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Played the demo at arc's...seemed fun, i gotta get used to the slightly awkward controls (you can do a 180 and end up on one knee pretty easy, its a good move for low shots), but the engine is so Max Payne, i keep thinkin the shoulder button will slow down time.

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I rented it and have been playing it all this week. I think it's a lotta fun. Yes, the controls are a little awkward and the design is Max Payne lite for the most part, but for a Punisher fan it's a lot of fun. The voice acting (especially by Tom Jane) is good and the script written by Ennis is pretty entertaining - complete with some really funny overheard conversations (Thug 1:"Okok, Daredevil versus Sonny Corleone, who would win?" Thug2:"You idiot! Daredevil is a comic book! The Godfather was a documentary."). I also like the fact that they were allowed to bring in the Marvel universe - you team up with the Black Widow in one mission, Nick Fury in another, in another you shoot your way through Fisk tower. It's not great gaming, but it is great Punisher stuff.


And I can't begin to describe the enormous grin I got when I walked into a room in the zoo level hearing one of Ma Gnucci's thugs exclaiming "hey, look! pirahnas!"

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