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Since everyone else around me seems to be talkin bout it, anyway....


I never did hear Joe Budden's "big shot" diss on 50 cent, but all the dust 50's kicking up to get his new album more attnetion is gettin ridiculous. Sohh. com (http://www.sohh.com/thewire/read.php?contentID=6799)...


In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are abuzz about a rumored Game, Nas and Jada diss track, 50 Cent dissin' Em and Dre, Jadakiss prepares for lyrical warfare, and Fat Joe gives 50 a treat.


1. Jadakiss, Game and Nas unite against 50?. Rumors have surfaced that former G-Unit soldier Game has teamed with Queensbridge kingpin Nas, and D-Block's Jadakiss for a diss track aimed at 50 Cent. The rumored collabo is supposed to take place today and be produced by Terror Squad production duo Cool & Dre. Word has it that Riker's Island inmate Shyne will do the intro to the track. However, none of the mentioned parties have confirmed that such a collaboration is indeed in progress.


2. Is 50 turning his back on Eminem and Dr. Dre? Heads are saying that Eminem and Dr. Dre are none too happy with all the beef 50 Cent has gotten into lately, in particular, the problems with fellow Aftermath/G-Unit artist Game. Likewise, it seems that 50 may be taking exception to Em's lack of support and a diss track towards Em and Dre may be on the way. 50 has recently complained that Interscope didn't pay enough attention to his project, and he had to put out "Disco Inferno" himself just to get the ball rolling. The rumor mill says the Queens rapper will possibly leave Shady/Aftermath and take his G-Unit clan with him.


3. Jadakiss tells 50, "The Champ is here". Responding to the recent attacks made by 50 Cent in the press and on the song "Piggy Bank," J-A-D-A is readying his response and plot to destroy his fellow Interscope artist. In talks with MTV, Jada had this to say, "When I heard 'Piggy Bank,' I was happy," Kiss laughed. "I felt way worse when I heard [beanie] Sigel's [diss] record [a few years back]. "Piggy Bank" was funny to me. He's gotta have something else. That can't be it, it's garbage!" Continuing, "I don't know what's wrong with 50," Kiss said. "But I thank him for the opportunity to [let me] air his ass out." In the upcoming diss track, Kiss taunts 50 with lines like, "I made actual songs with Biggie and you had to make fake ones." Kiss also spits, "Me without them things ringing, that's like 50 going on stage without singing." Word on the streets the track will be leaked next week.


4. Fat Joe was sweet to 50 Cent. Recently, Fat Joe revealed that the track for 50's hit, "Candy Shop" was originally, meant for the Terror Squad leader. Crack says that the track was produced by him and Scott Storch. It looks like Joe wasn't feeling the original beat and asked Storch to tweak it a little. Around that time, 50 Cent heard the track and had to have it. Storch asked Joe and apparently Cooked Coke gave it the pass and let 50 have the beat. The track later became the single "Candy Shop" off 50's album, The Massacre -the same album that houses the infamous diss against Joe, "Piggy Bank."


my thoughts:


1) "Piggy bank" is a weak track.

2) 50 better watch himself talking about heavyweights like Nas. I'm just waiting for him to go below the belt on Fat Joe's retarded son (from what ive heard, anyway).

3) I thought it was a publicity stunt, but if 50's really kicking Game out, mebbe he is actually worried about being outshined. It was a bitch move to announce it on the radio, then run out the back door when Game's crew tried to come up. If that's how it went down...weak. But then they say one of Game's pepole got shot, that sucks.

4) Going against Dre & Em, after them brining you up...is suicide. I dont know how long G-unit would hold up on their own...they may pull in $, but their album was weak, too. If Jada, Nas, Joe etc team up against them...thatd be interesting.


Yeah, i may not read People magazine, but even if i tried not to know this shit, everyone around me seems to. Anyway, post your thoughts on this and other beefs, like when Nas destroyed Jay-Z, etc.

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That's a pretty fair analogy, cause it feels like that, but everyone (including me) rubbernecks it the same as then too, and record sales do jump up.

Its just that it gets more notice now, cause when it got serious once, we lost 2 of the best artists the genre's ever seen, and id say the music honestly hasnt been the same since.



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I love it. (http://www.sohh.com/thewire/read.php?contentID=7362)


Nas ethers 50. It might have taken months, but God's Son has just resurfaced with "MC Burial," an inflammatory response to 50 Cent's "Piggy Bank." Nasty Nas opens the first verse with subliminal references like, "ni99as don't want beef, they vegetarian/ Scared of pu$$y /Climbed out a cesarean/ I push your grown ass back in your mother's womb/ You need nine more months/Your crew's down more punks." Though he never specifically names 50 in the song, N-A-S makes it clear that the G-Unit general is the intended target. "They say Jada defeated him/Joe's too street for him/now what's next is for Nas to ether him," he offers. Later in the third verse, Nas directly responds 50's criticism of God Son's recent marriage. "You see, you a sucker for death/ if I'm a sucker for love/and ya'll wonder why I don't answer ni99as/ cause I truly understand these ni99as/ scared of me, so they talk about family members/ like I can't point out ya'll grandmoms ni99as/ Damn you was my man like true dog/ Don't let me change your body frame to blue form."


i gotta go find this track. Nas > Nas' feces > 50

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