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System Of A Down's Mezmerize/Hypnotize

Reverend Jax

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OK, Toxicity was released back in 2001, about 3 1/2 years ago, and while the 2002 B-Sides/Previously Unreleased Collection "Steal This Album!" was incredibly solid, SOAD has been long overdue for something new. So here's my summary of the details straight from http://www.systemofadown.com


System of a Down will be releasing Mezmerize (Disc 1) on May 19th, and Hypnotize (Disc 2) in late fall. It was decided to have the collection released in two albums with two release dates as opposed to one double ablum. The first single will be hitting the airwaves this month, it is called BYOB (Bring Your Own Bombs). The full length version of the new song "Cigaro" is available to listen to via streaming from their website now (Real Audio, Quicktime, Windows Media low, or Windows Media high). I'm digging this song. Trademark SOAD sense of humor, and the kind of funkiest that was all over the place on the first album and not as much on Toxicity. Gives new meaning to the term "cock rock." If this song is song is representative, I've expecting a really fun album.


More as it unfolds....

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Alright, so I just finished hearing the new SOAD single, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bombs). I can't find a decent hyperlink for it (I got it off Kazaa), but if you want to IM through AIM, I'll send it to you.


First thoughts: Wow, this is going to be their first single? That is balls. This song is more out there than Sugar, and they're gonna kick off their album release with this? Someone at Sony must have given them a free to release any song they liked, cause this is not radio friendly. Well, we'll see if their balls pay dividens for them. Maybe with a kickass video...

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OK, I downloaded a leaked copy of the album, via torrent. SOAD is one of my favorite bands of all time, easily my favorite "comtemporary band." So, now that you know that, here's my review.



Wow, this album has got a real prog vibe running through it. I used to be really into prog a few years back, and then I kinda stopped caring as much about it, but this reminds me of lots of the stuff I used to listen to everyday. Reminds me of the technically difficult to play stuff they did on their first album. Still as relentlessly unforgiving as Zappa, ecentric as Queen, and heavy as anything Korn ever did. All the songs are just as catchy as Toxicity's songs, thanks to tons of pop hooks and energy to spare. I wish this was longer than 37 minutes.


1. Soldier Side (Intro) - A 1 minute intro song, Very soft and mellow, the first time SOAD has opened an album with a soft song. Nice welcome, but a bit of a throw-away.

2. BYOB - The current radio single, I still can't believe they got away with making this their first single. It's pure balls.

3. Revenga - This so in intense and catchy, a possible future single. Good stuff.

4. Cigaro - Classic SOAD sense of humor.

5. Radio/Video - Another possible future single. Good stuff.

6. This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm on This Song - This album's "Bounce."

7. Violent Pornography - A great, fast, overlapping chorus.

8. Question! - Soft string intro. Classic SOAD mid-tempo song.

9. Sad Statue - Similar complex intro and feel to BYOB.

10. Old School Hollywood - Lots of Synth, which is odd, but SOAD is fearless, so it comes off as normal (for SOAD).

11. Lost in Hollywood - A mid-tempo album closer like "Aerials." Daron sings lead vocals with Serj on back-up.


PS I hate this album cover.

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YES!!! I was making a list earlier of my favorites off that album, and Revenga is one of them, along with Violent Pornography, and Lost in Hollywood. But it's such a great album you can listen to it all the way through and still enjoy it.



I think of you Jax when I listen to SoaD haha.



pps Revenga is a VERY fun song to sing and harmonize too. Loudly, of course.

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