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The best songs you've never heard!


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Thread dedicated to amazing songs you think other people won't have heard from obscure and well-known bands alike.


I'm gonna start with the song Computer Camp Love by a Norweigen band, Datarock. It absolutely kicks ass, trust me. Like Cake gone geeky.


You can download the video here

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a few obscure ones... hopefully you've heard of some of them.


"dinner at eight in the suburbs" - all-time quarterback

"growing up with gnr" - aqueduct

"7th street entry" - atmosphere

"drug like" - action action

"going to india" - boy hits car

"you're quiet" - brendan benson & the wellfed boys

"pleasure in the pain" - burning brides

"you & me" - caroline's spine

"take care" - copeland

"the sound of settling" - death cab for cutie

"anytime" - eve 6

"i love cold beverages" - g. love and the special sauce

"falling from grace" - the gentle waves

"bonnie taylor shakedown" - hellogoodbye

"cannot stop the world" - home grown

"miss take" - horrorpops

"whispering actually" - i can make a mess like nobody's business

"http://www.dumped.com" - i voted for kodos

"faded from the winter" - iron and wine

"she's perfect" - jimmy eat world

"cherry wine" - jupiter sunrise

"move your feet" - junior senior

"angel pumping gas" - lindsey pool

"routines" - mêlée

"susanne (weezer cover)" - midtown

"aqualung" - morcheeba

"unintended" - muse

"fields of agony (acoustic)" - no use for a name

"buick city complex" - old 97s

"bad things to such good people" - pedro the lion

"all you need is drums to start a dance party" - piebald

"without you" - the pietasters

"we heart our hive" - q and not u

"marilyn manson ate my girlfriend" - relient k

"zero point" - the rogers sisters

"every moment" - rogue wave

"meaning of life" - smokin with superman


i'm going to stop..... sorry its so long and doesn't really fit what you had originally asked for. well, they're all amazing to me...


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