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700 mhz p3 old-ass PC here, but its good for mp3s, hondo's & porn, in that order. Sometimes movies too. I think we got at least one other mac user around tho...


...you got an iPod? cause...cause I do not want to do anything illegal, here...but I will kill somebody.,.in front of their own momma...to get an iPod, and if anybody testifies against me, I gouge their eyes out.

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Sadly one of the downfalls (as much as I HATE admitting this) of owning a mac is that they are not game-friendly. I use mine for general purpose use and save the gaming for the heavy-duty PC that it sits next to. By "Heavy Duty" I don't mean Alienware, as nice as that would be, but it has enough inside that it plays WoW, The Sims 2, Sims Online, Zoo/Rollercoaster Tycoon, most of those titles just aren't made for Mac and if they are, they have yet to be released. I love my mac to pieces and I sing its praises regularly. But I also don't play games on it. The primary reason I got it was for development - web and graphics - because it's been my experience that programs such as the Adobe line and Dreamweaver perform much better on a Mac. It's what the computer was designed for. One of the things I love about the Mac though is also the primary reason I loathe trying to get recreational software for it, though. The fact that Mac apps each have their own independant driver library means better performance throughout your entire system because seven open apps aren't sapping information from one centralized location, causing your system to become fractious. I love this because if the system hiccups and, say, Safari has to shut down, the operating system and the rest of the running apps aren't affected and continue to operate normally. There isn't a main registry that has to scramble to put the books back on the shelf so to speak, and when you re-open a crashed app, it's all fresh and reset and working again. The downside of this innovation is that it takes a LOT longer to put a mac app together and make all the cogs mesh and all the ones and zeroes line up, and it results in a much larger app package, which in turn saps your hard disk space. This is one of the reasons that Apple computers come with such spacious hard drives - you realize that they fill up VERY fast. I noticed just the other day that my 80Gb hard drive has a mere 20Gb left on it after just over a year of use. After calculating that I have almost 8Gb of Mp3s, it became apparent that the rest of the space is being eaten up by applications alone! Of course if you were to look at how full my Dock is getting you'd look at me and say "Well, DUH!" but I digress.


It's sad and ironic to me that the games that we play on our PC, Xbox, GameCube, Playstation, they were all at least partially created using Apple technology, and yet the very industry that Apple caters to has yet to catch up to the ever-widening demand by casual Mac users to bring computer games to their forum. The power that every new generation of Apple computers contains is faster and faster becoming wasted potential for the newest and greatest games, and it's nothing but a damn shame. As much fun as it is to sit in front of two computers every day, it would be nice if I could just use the one for all my business and casual computing purposes.


On the bright side, though?


April 29 - Rrowr, baby.



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yes. support is the biggest thing. companies either delay the release of the mac version by several months or they simply don't make it at all. but i've seen my friends play games like counter strike and, to be honest, i'm not that jealous. there are much better games (call of duty) with better graphics that are made for pc as well as mac.


someday apple will reign supreme in the computer world.

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