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Hondo's Bar

Green Day - April 15th


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Well, 1st and foremost, I must apologize because my POS camera phone will not let me upload the pics (even though they genuinely sucked...)


I didn't see the opening act because Hunny was taking his sweet precious time walking to the UM Convocation Center....anyhoo...


At about 9pm, the crowd was starting to get antsy when all of a sudden some guy walks onstage wearing a pink bunny suit and drinking a beer...he just starts walking all around and then center stage chugs the beer while everyone is cheering...Then they started to playBlitzkreig Bop really loud on the speakers and the Bunny-man starts to dance and get the crowd riled up...he then saunters offstage and the lights go out.


The guys came on and went right inot singing "American Idiot". As soon as we saw Billie Joe, we all agreed that he had been the Bunny man cause he was wearing the same shoes & socks...who knows...


The show was great. Very high energy. They sang new songs as well as the old classics. They even sang their rendition of "Shout!"


At one point during the show, Billie Joe said he wanted to make a band and he picked three random people from the audience and got them onstage (after making them swear to God that they knew how to play the instruments). The drummer was good & so was the bass player...the lead guitarist, Adam, though...eh. After they finished the song Billie Joe calls Adam over and says, "Hey man, that guitar...keep it! And practice because you fucking suck!" Then he made the guy that was playing the bass dive into the crowd. The drummer got nothing.


When he was introducing everyone, he said, "That's Tre Cool, the best damn Punk rock drummer there is. That's Mike D, the best damn rock bass player there is. And I am George Bush." Of course, the whole crowd started to boo. "Just kidding, I am asshole!" And they all started to cheer.


They ended the show singing "Good Riddance" and "We are the Champions" as confetti shot out to the crowd.


All in all, I had a great time even though I only knew 1/3 of the songs they played. I kinda wish Jax had been there, since he's the one that got me to listen to American Idiot in the first place...

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Disappointing to hear that they gave away a guitar at the Orlando concert as well...must be a regular thing.


I also forgot to mention that Billie Joe imitated Jim Morrisson when he was in Miami...even acted like he was masturbating and yelled out, "Somebody fuck me!"

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The damned concert was over a month & a half ago, but I FINALLY was able to upload the pictures...they're not very good, but oh well!

The Stage before the concert started



Billie Joe in a Bunny Suit



During "Holiday"



During "Boulevard"


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