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PvPonline is one of the funniest online comics i have read. I sat down at my job at Central highschool one day and caught up on years that i have missed. Some of the years he posted strips, i did not even own a computer! Anyone who likes funny comics and story lines based around characters that are nothing more than a bunch of nerds working at a Gaming magazine, this is a web comic you should check out :D


*goes off to catch up on the past couple of months* Wha? i have been working full time and schoolin' full time. :D

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Hah...they do good parodies of Alex Ross & Bendis, and this one arc i read about the ultimate fan film with batman vs Indiana jones vs stormtroopers etc was a trip.


I think the last issue i saw was about City of Heroes...i like how they rival Penny Arcade, too. Were you referring to the webcomic, or the comic book that Image publishes?

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Ah yes.. all of these are among my favorite daily strips. I am talking about the comic book and the Web comic. Ive read all of hte web comic, and alot of the stuff coming out in seperate books are in the PVP Dork ages. Has all of hte classic PVP in it. I dunno, i buy everything they come out with. Not really... i only have one shirt, and that is the cafe express panda attack shirt >__> haha


I love Ultima online too. that is what got me to start reading the comic ^__^







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