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So, my precious, enivornment-hating F-150 only has so much time left in this world, transmission-wise, and despite being dead broke, i must consider an alternative at some (hopefully) far-off point. I'm lookin into greater fuel efficiency & such, and my older brother seems pretty content with his jeep.


Anyone driven/know bout these things? Any ideas on mileage, reliability, handling, differences from other automobiles, etc? Just thinkin bout it, thought someone here might know. Also, im ass at driving stick presently, dont know how that factors in.

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HA! You're lucky you haven't been told to forget the jeeps an' go a caddy(what with all the :pimp:s around herre. I dunno if you have'em, but the Toyota Landcruiser's the best value for chedda you can get on four wheels. At least they're cheaper than the imported Jeeps. What'll a Jeep Wrangler Sport sitting four foot off the ground run me over there?

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