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The Exorcism of Emily Rose


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Before seeing the film.

I was talking to a friend of mine about this film and I think the biggest draw to it will ultimately be the storyline. I mean, if you've seen the extended trailer or know what happened, the priest is incarcerated for Emily's death, so the story is told from his P.O.V. I think that's where the money will be made on this film. Some of the CG looks cheap (watch for the part with the boy in the classroom that turns and looks at Emily - horrible!) I'm hoping they didn't show the best parts in the trailer.



After seeing the film.

I will not post anything as to “spoil” this film as to an actual scene or part out of respect for members, which may choose to see this film. There are plenty of spoilers online for that. I will though comment generically on the film, my perception about it and the characters briefly.



First off anyone who goes to see this should be aware of 2 things. This movie is not a horror movie per se. It is more a court room drama and film of belief. Faith vs. Science. The movie goer is treated much like a jury member in this film. From start to finish you are left to make your own decisions as to what actually killed Emily. Was it Demonic Possession or a Rare Epileptic Schizoid condition?


Both possibilities and alternatives are objectively displayed throughout the film. Most of the “horror” scenes of people seen as demons are shown in the main trailer. With the exception of the Final scene that is about 25 mins long showing the actual Exorcism as told from father Richard Moore who is wonderfully portrayed by Tom Wilkinson.


As far as the actors on screen. I forgot just how good an actress Laura Linney actually is. She is an absolute treat to watch on film as her character (an agnostic defense attorney) is so torn between possible belief in her client’s account of the facts and her ability to provide “accepted contemporary fact” in the courtroom. She gave her character a very in depth portrayal and it was easy to immediately get attached to her character in the film and more so as the movie progressed.


Tom Wilkinson is equally stunning on film. His portrayal as an Irish Roman Catholic pastor commissioned by the Arch Diocese bishop to carry out this exorcise of demonic possession is Oscar caliber. I was immediately attached to him and felt through him his pain throughout the film. he is equally impressive as Linney who is also Academy caliber.


Colm Feore (Storm of the Century) also makes an appearance as the Linney’s Law firm boss in a supportive role.


Jennifer Carpenter is fantastic. She not only can act. She can horrify. Her antics and ability to show her complete fear in the unknown are phenomenal. She screams with the best of them. Jennifer is able to contort her body in such a way on film during some of the “demonic/seizure” scenes that are unbelievable on screen. I enjoyed her performance as well and was convinced in her character as well.


When the movie was all said and done, you really are like I said earlier left with 3 possible choices. One of faith and the belief that this was true, the second of pure science and the medical sciences and 3 a combination of the 2 well presented arguements. You are left to decide what the forces were even after solid arguments by both sides are presented. I loved this movie and took away from it several “spiritual” thoughts and feelings personally. In the end though you will be surprised and definitely with an opinion on the exorcism of Emily Rose.


4/5 pitchforks for me. Excellent. :yup::love::drool::devil: /5

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wow, thasnks for that MM, im possibly lookin at seein thsi one tomorrow (tryin to sneak in after 40 yr virgin), rottentomatoes.com wasnt kind to it, but having a better idea about what to expect makes it sound pretty interesting too. Great review, man.


ps dont forget, we gots spoiler tags if you ever wanna throw stuff out there for those that've seen it.

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