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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


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Noticing we'd lost the original thread on this movie, i simply wanted to have a place to discuss this, the latest of Kaufman's writings, the only thing ive seen by Michel Gondry (despite LL's affection for this director), and Carey's finest performance this side of Man on the Moon (though Truman Show was good, too).


Saw this one twice, strong performances overall, and very, very human moments - for me, there were some powerful ones...

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. Kate Winslet takes the quirky/neurotic girl to a whole new level, too.


I oughta pick this one up on DVD sometime. Though both Malkovich and Adaptation were great, this is the most approachable, and in my opinion, his finest work.









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After watching Adaptation, I thought Kaufman would never produce anything as wholely superb as Malchovich, but Sunshine squeaks ahead. I can't wait for the next Kaufman film hich is supposed to be his take on the Horror genre the same way Sunshine was his take on the Romantic Comedy genre, directed by Spike Jonze (director of Malchovich, Adaptation, and some of the best music videos of the the 90's)

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