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Saw the trailer for this when I went to see DOOM tonight (waste of my fucking money.)


Looks pretty cool, looks to be a horror comedy in the style of the old B movies from the eighties, the trailer has some great moments with Fillion, so not looking too bad at all. Not gonna be a deep movie, but could be a hella fun one.


Also, for us firefly freaks, it also has Gregg Henry, the Sherriff from "The Train Job" in it.


Here's the Trailer


The director behind this movie is originally from Troma films, so it really should have that uber disgusting 1980's feel, back in the day when everythign was slimy and gore and the like was the big thing. I have to say that from the trailers this thing does looks funny as all hell.


Also found a bit of a Nathan Fillion interview:


"There's stuff blowing up. There's some nasty [stuff]. There's some sliming. There's a lot of prosthetics. We leaned away from the CGI and leaned towards the prosthetics as an homage to the horror movies of yesteryear."


He then goes on to explain a bit about the character he plays: "This is Bill Pardy. He was the football hero in high school. He was the good-looking guy, very popular in town, in this economically depressed town. He becomes a police officer. It's a government job. There's no crime going on. He just gets to kick back and do nothing. He's a guy who's kind of letting [time] pass him by in that he let his high-school sweetheart get away, and he realizes this, that he's kind of missed the boat. He's not accustomed to responsibility. Life has been handed to this guy. And now, Slither, when it opens up, he's faced with impending alien world domination and, for the first time, some real responsibility. This man is blissfully unprepared for it, for the challenge. This is a man acting in much the way you'd expect someone to act if these situations were real, and you were a real person. He's not someone saying, 'I'm going to rise this challenge. I know just what to do. Everybody relax.' No. He's in a panic. He's upset. No one's prepared. That's what I think makes this movie so great: ... People act as you'd expect real people to act in this situation."


Been a while since I have seen a great gory film. Hope this turns out well.

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neither here nor there, but...


Saw the trailer for this when I went to see DOOM tonight (waste of my fucking money.)


BWAHAHA look, how bout this: when the Halo movie comes out, howsabout you just give me six bucks, and i chase you around with a gun for a while? itll be way more exciting.

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