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New book coming from Azzarello (100 Bullets), preview's in this week's issue of that book. Vertigo says...




Written by Brian Azzarello; Art and cover by Marcelo Frusin


Fresh off his white-hot run on SUPERMAN, Eisner award-winning writer Brian Azzarello

(100 BULLETS, BATMAN) has created a Western for the new millennium. Reuniting with HELLBLAZER artist Marcelo Frusin, Azzarello has fashioned a tough-as-nails monthly series that combines all the bloody action and atmosphere of a Sergio Leone film with the provocative storytelling of HBO's Deadwood. The extra-sized 40-page issue #1 is just $2.99; future issues are 32 pages.


Wes Cutter is a wanted man running from a violent past — the horrors of the Civil War, a brutal stint in a Union prison camp, and the savage fallout of Reconstruction. Now he's on a quest for the one thing in short supply: peace. Joining Wes is his beautiful wife Ruth, a woman who has been to hell and back herself — and hides dark secrets of her own.


The road they travel will be a bloody one, leaving a trail of bodies stretching from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean. This is a tale only Azzarello — the mind behind some of the hardest-hitting comics of the last decade — could tell.


Vertigo  |  40pg.  |  Color  |  $2.99 US  |  Mature Readers


On Sale October 26, 2005


I liked what i read of the preview, not much to go on but its promising, and everyone knows i loves westerns.

Cover to # 2:



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Good to see someone else has seen this. Just bought the 1st trade and it's fuckin' brilliant. 3 issues in and it feels like a good hybrid of 100 Bullets(intricate characters, multi-level stories & lotsa lotsa wordplay) crossed with the uncompromising storytelling of Deadwood(i wrote this before i read the above review, leave me be Jont). As it says, follows Wes Cutter, and his very femme fatale missus Ruth. They've a pretty weird relationship(there's a messed up history involving Wes' brother Danny) and this first arc sees Wes return from a Yankee internment camp as a POW & looking to takie back his town that's been taken over by Yankee soldiers. It has the feel of A Fistful of Dollars to it, so if you're not reading this already Nick, geddit. I guarantee you'll love it.

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More Vertigo-panel-philly-con-shit:


Following hat had become the joke of the weekend, Wayne and Dennis, upon seeing the cover to Loveless #10 joked that the head on the sign belonged to Dick Grayson. Later, when talking about Deadman, Dennis joked that "Deadman" is actually a Hypertime story of Vertigo's Dick Grayson.




...Dennis later added that Brian Azzarello also has a rough idea of the ending for Loveless as well

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