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Well personally I always wondered how a giant 500lb mobster can be so strong, sturdy, and agile. It's like he took a shot of PCP or something. So if it aint drugs, he's a mutie. Oh and while I consulted the web, I came across this tidbit...


Back when I was eleven, I caught a nasty dose of superhero fever and decided one summer day that I, Justin, would join their ranks to become as respected and as mighty as Batman, the Incredible Hulk, and even Aquaman. Since every superhero needs a costume (so they're easy to identify in police line-ups), I fashioned one out of wearing everything red that I owned, including a scarlet bandana over the bottom half of my face. Flushed with anti-criminal possibilities, I ran over to my friend's house -- wearing my costume, in broad daylight -- and rang his doorbell, ready to recruit him into my superhero justice league.


He opened the door, and his jaw went slack, possibly from the tremendous awe he was feeling. "Who..." he started. "What are you supposed to be?"


I summoned up all of the latent heroism in my veins and boomed out, "I... am the CRIMSON CRUSADER!"


He closed the door in my face, and we never spoke about it again. The moral of this painful nostalgia is that while superheroes might be cool in the comic books and movies, in real life they're goofy as all get out.


I mean we all been there once, right? Maybe when you were younger, like 8. Or even when you were older, like 26 :)

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Its never really chalked up to more than just hardcore training: lifting mad weights, killing rooms of ninjas, etc. He's by no means a mutant, tho - not by DNA, not even augmented powers.


Marvel.com - look up his name, then powers:

"Skilled hand-to-hand combatant


Unusual agility for a man his size


Criminal Genius"


also outlines his training a bit more....still, to hang with DD & Spidey is odd for a human.

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Odd, indeed. Compare the stats on Kingpin and Spiderman from the aforementioned site, and you'll find that Kingpin's only slightly behind Spiderman in strength, speed, and durability. Of course, I'd like to know what constitutes average human abilities on that scale (1, maybe?).

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