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New Game Concert to hit US! PLAY!


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Check it out


There's also a cool interview with 1up linked there.


PLAY! The ultimate tour to the fans

A celebration of video game music


"As the most experienced team in the field of video game music concerts we will present the ultimate tour to the fans.", says series producer Jason Michael Paul.


"PLAY! will feature award-winning music from titles such as FINAL FANTASY®, SILENT HILL®, BATTLEFIELD 1942TM, WORLD OF WARCRAFT® and THE ELDER SCROLLS III: MORROWINDTM.


In total, around 20 titles are going to be performed."


Looks pretty cool, not to mention according to the interview Yotsunori Mitsuda and Yuzo Koshiro are doing arrangements for this concert. Man I hope to GOD we get it down here. Maybe if enough people pestered we could get it to come to Florida at least?

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Well, there are supposed to be several other games, I think a total of 20, and considering that Yuzo Koshiro and Yatsunori Mitsuda both are doing arrangements for it and none of their games are on the list so far makes me think that there will be some damn fine titles.

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