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I've been reading 2000ad for a couple of years now, I stopped buying the weekly and monthly recently, since it no longer seemed good value for money, I'll probably keep an eye out for collections of the best of the most recent stuff like Cabalistics Inc, and anything Henry flint in black and white.


Oh and by the way:




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DUDE!!! Shakara is one of the best fucking strips I've read in along time. Kudos.


Yeah, though it does sadden me that the recent Slaines have been pretty dull. I gave up reading the new ones and at the same time buying collections of the classic stuff.



Those were the days.


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So what are your thoughts on the new Slaine? I notice you've got a recent Clint Langley pic in your sig.


I don't know if I'll be returning to the weekly but in the new annual issue, a new Slaine story should be starting in a new direction (I think the last episode had him leaving Ireland, I'm not sure where to).






An if any of the Americans on here are Powers readers it features a new Dredd strip illustrated by Mike Avon Oeming

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I like the story arcs. They're pretty good but its more the art for me. Its amazing looking. I havent read much of old slaine but what i have read is top notch. It didnt grab me though cos im spoiled by the new spiffy artwork.

Any chance of them bringing back the abc warriors?


I havent actually bought 2000ad for a while now cos they stopped selling it in my local shop and i didnt get into town all that often to get it in forbidden planet but i guess i should start again with prog 2006.

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And start again I have! Prog 2006 was pretty good. I like the parodies they do in Dredd. "Straight Eye for a Crooked Guy" was funny as hell.


Not too sure about the new Slaine strip. I'm 4 parts in and it isn't grabbing me. One surprisingly good story is johnny alpha. I really think it has that Douglas Adams-esque quirkiness about it.


Overall i'm not too sure about 2000ad. It seems to have too much brains and not enough brawn lately. I always like a mix of stories that make you think, laugh and get excited in equal measure.

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