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Tom Clancy's SplinterCell (The Movie)

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I don't know if there is a thread on this already but here its goes...


I've been hearing rumors that George Clooney might be playing Sam Fisher in some upcoming Splinter Cell flicks, is this true? Just want to seperate fact from fiction. thanks.


Other possibles-

Sam Fisher: Tom Berenger/Pierce Brosnan

Irving Lambert: Dennis Haysbert

Grimsdottir: Jennifer Aniston

Will Redding: Clive Owen

Doug Shetland: Bruce Willis



Variety reports that Dreamworks has acquired the film rights to "Splinter Cell," the bestselling videogame franchise created by Tom Clancy. Daniel Pyne ("The Manchurian Candidate") has already been commissioned to pen the screenplay.


The hit videogame franchise has government spy Sam Fisher leading covert missions where the objective is to be as secretive as possible.

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I have yet to play the third (and apparently best) Splinter Cell game, but from the first two I'd say the plots are pretty good. They're better than the average game, or even the average action movie. They don't touch MGS plots, though, and are usually just an excuse for cool levels and set pieces. The games themselves, though, are probably some of the best stealth action games around, so if you like that kind of thing you should definitely give it a try. The stealth mechanics are a lot less contrived than MGS - enemies don't have miraculously short and narrow cones of vision, you can't become invisible by hiding in a cardboard box. Sure it's not entirely realistic. You wouldn't think a stealth commando who specializes in hiding in the shadows would wear equipment that glows but other than that it's much more realistic than most "stealth" games.


As for the movie, the Clooney rumor is a new one for me, and I really hope it isn't true. I think he's completely wrong for the part. I'd want to see someone a lot gruffer and less obvious. Hell, in a perfect world I think the part should go to Michael Ironside - Sam Fisher is not a young spy anyway. So no, sorry MM, I don't like Clooney or any of those picks for Fisher. Haysbert as Lambert is top-notch, though. Anyway, there hasn't been any official casting decisions yet, but they have signed on a director - actor-turned director Peter Berg who did Friday Night Lights and the better-than-it-deserved-to-be actioner The Rundown.

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