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Paypal discovery!!!


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I stumbled onto this one day...


If ya need money from your bank immediately in your paypal account(instead of the stupid 3-4 day wait),then follow these steps:


1) You need a friend that has paypal.

2) Log in(duh) :D

3) Pay your friend using instant transfer option

4) Have your friend pay your right back


And there ya go! Money from your bank instantly in your account instead of the annoying 3-4 day wait.  :D

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:thinking:  Does PayPal take a percentage for that?  If so, what percentage, and does it take it from each party, instead of just once?  (Like, does it take it from you when you send it from your bank account, from your friend when he/she receives it, from him/her when they send it to your PayPal account, and from you again when you receive it?)

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Lazy??? I told ya already! It was an EMERGENCY... It was (near) Valentines Day and I had no other way of getting money? What was I supposed to do, just do nothing on Valentines Day? I don't think so...


I did what I had to do, so me and Andrea  :D  could go out on V-Day.


It's not something I do all the time (or at least try not to...)

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