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You knew it was coming... The Hondo American Idol thread... I can't be the only fan.


This will be the spot for the weekly play by play on anything "Idol".


--> Ok, so tonight there are 10 girls squaring off, followed by ten guys and then a results show over the next 3 days, in the wake of shedding 4 contestants last week.


All in all, this "Idol" in my opinion, has been somewhat really entertaining with some real talented contestants. I think that there are a few too which haven't even tapped into their potential to do really really well in this competetion.




The Dearly Departed


Last week,



Becky O'Donahue


--> we find out that Becky the Maxim Girl has the lowest number of girl-votes. Paula says “You have a great career ahead of you.” Yeah, have fun posing in Playboy, Becky. And then we have to listen to her sing again, but I do find comfort in knowing it’s the last time. One down, three to go. :ok:



Bobby Bennett


Moving on to the guys… the lowest votes had by the guys is Bobby Bennett. His rendition of Barry Manilow's Copcabana was like witnessing a five car pile up (with injuries). This cat couldn't carry a tune at all. Exit stage left Bobby. :bored:







Stevie Scott


Back to girls. Stevie Scott is out. The judges all agree she got it wrong on Tuesday. And quite frankly she did. I mean the contest is about bringing your best and finding the best broadened singer... we have to listen to her excruciatingly bad singing once again though as she leaves... Holy Hell. :ohface:



Patrick Hall


And finishing off with the guys. Ryan gives instructions that the back row “needs to form two separate lines, single file, flanking him. Ryan, that is too many instructions here. Who are you, Jeff Probst? :2T:


Anyways, Patrick Hall gets voted off. And sings again, and better than he did the last time, actually. He got beat out by 4 far worse singers, yeah 4.


I think Sway, David, Kevin and Will should bid Idol adieu and start a really really bad boy band. Cripes.





Which leads us tonight.




--> Personally I am biased of course with faves, especially homegrown, hometown fave Ayala Brown. In all honesty though, Paris, Katharine (another personal fave), Mandisa and Lisa can lay it down like nobody''s buisness and are extremely talented, so its a tough call. As we've come to expect, the performer is who the producers think is the best on that given day. And they were right thus far... Katharine McPhee's version of Since I Fell for You is one of the most comfortable, relaxed performances I've ever seen on the semi-final stage in my opinion while Lisa Tucker's performance was not that far behind... And while the competition is tight in the first five spots, these girls know that tonight is the one that just edges the others out. By an eyelash.


As far as the guys go, I think the stongest have Chris in front (this kid rocks better than half the rock group singers who are pros), Elliott and of couse "Soul" sounding fave of mine Taylor Hicks, who is just a joy to hear rock out in a southern, soulish rock kinda way. I'll comment more on the guys after their performances tommorow night.


Who's Left



Kellie Pickler-------------------- Sway Penala -------------------- Ayla Brown ------------------ Chris Daughtry



Ace Young-------------------- Kinnik Sky -------------------- Elliott Yamin ------------------- Brenna Gethers



Paris Bennett --------------------- Kevin Covais ---------------- Melissa McGhee --------------- Taylor Hicks



Bucky Covington -------------------- Heather Cox ------------- Gedeon McKinney ------------ Mandisa



Lisa Tucker -------------------- David Radford ----------------- Katharine McPhee ------------ Will Makar




We will see how it plays out tonight... Until Tomorrow ...



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haha Yeah I totally watch it, I can't help it. At first I just told myself that I only watched for all the fuck-ups (and there are tons) but then I just kept watching, I think I need help. Oh and hey Amber, thanks for outing me. :tulip:


My opinion: I don't think this bunch is near as good as last year, but who am I to judge, my favorite so far would have to be Paris Bennett, cause she's super cute and I loved her audition when she was singing Billie Holiday. Also Mandisa, I don't know if she's that great, Ive only caught one performance from her, but I love her.


For the guys I'm going with Ace Young, only cause he's ever so dreamy and I would bite him in several different places. :cheers: As for the singing of the guys, I havent made a decision yet.

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Tues- Thurs are the best nights on television this week for me as the wife and I can’t wait to see what’s going to be sung, who’s going home, Paula’s drunk hijinx, etc. etc.


Tonight for me is as follows, first off, I am a big Taylor fan, I thought he did pretty good, I love the tone in his voice and don’t think that this guy truly has really found his niche and exploded like he’s capable of doing. So for Taylor a grade of B- tonight.


Let’s get right to the cream in the center of this pastry though.


Chris Daughtry. :2T:


How the holy hell this guy went undiscovered is beyond me. I mean I'm Wowed so far.


Look, everyone may have his or her fave, like Elliot, Ace or whoever, but this kid simply blows everyone away. In all seriousness a professional.


I mean, they could have inserted him in place of Brett Scallions from the now defunct rock group Fuel and this would have been a number 1 record with the song “Hemorrhage (in my hands)”. Awesome performance. He keeps this up and he will win this hands down if America and the “vote” scandal stays straight. I linked the performance below.


This is Chris Daughtry's performance on American Idol for week 2. He sang Hemmorage by Fuel and he rocked it out!






Loved it, man. Good stuff.





For the girls performances, I was pretty much let down. Overall they weren't that good and lullabyed us to death with ballads, safe songs and country whines... I think on top Katharine McPhee has the best shot and here video link is below. Aside from the fact that she's cute as hell, she's got great pipes and would do well in contemporary music. Check it below...









Otherwise I thought Gedeon, Elliot and Ace were damn near excellent.


I thought Ryan’s pink shirt went out in 1994...


and The Chicken Little image is forever emblazoned into my mind after tonight.


Tomorrow we bid farewell to David, (speaking of Hemorrhage my ears are still bleeding) or the lispy Kevin as well. If this wasn’t split vote, all girls tomorrow with David on the vote off.


Jellyfish baby.


MM owwwwwwwwwt!



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yeah I agree. Kinnik should have bought it.


Did you see that smug bitch Brenna? What balls! I mean really what balls.

I'm glad she's off though.


I was really hoping that Sway stayed though and Chicken Little went home but there is always next week.

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Was Paula totally drunk last night? Cause that's hilarious. :2T:


I'm glad Brenna is gone also, I didn't like her and she has no neck and I don't trust people with no neck.


Sway is a better singer, but Kevin has more like-ability (is that a word) cause he's such a big dork, man he's a dork. and that's why people like him.


I don't know anything about the cookie/melon analogy arch lol

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Week 3


That post is awesome BTW, Ly...looks just like him...HA! :ohface:




So Paula likes to watch idol in an inebriated state, so I thought I should eventually try it myself.

I'll TiVo this action tommorow as I will undoubetedly be indisposed as an invited guest at an exclusive concert with Daryl Hall and John Oates tommorow evening. Should be the balls... But anyway, my thoughts on tonight...


01. Paris Bennett Rating: Conga (Gloria Estefan) - It was a good performance, but not excellent. It was sort of entertaining, but I’m still not blown away. She's young and can wail for a little thing. I think she is safe. :)


02. Lisa Tucker Rating: Where I Stand (Tiffany Taylor) - This performance was good, but the song choice sucked. I mean who sings "Tiffany"? She is trying to be older than she is... I think she might be in danger. :ok:


03. Melissa McGhee Rating: Wha About Love (Heart) - Good song choice for her particular vocal range... I thought she did a pretty good job. It did seem like it was almost a little big for her, and that she did have some pitch issues at the end, but still, she's making improvements IMO. Safe maybe. :bored:


04. Kinnik Sky Rating: If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys) - The thing about Kinnik is she IS definately a good singer. Good but not great. She doesn’t have that star quality, X-factor at all that Simon talks about before everyone boos him to death. Blah. Going home I tink. :???:


05. Katharine McPhee Rating: Think (Aretha Franklin) - I love Aretha, but there was something about the band's cut during the performance that wiped her out...something was off. Vocals were pretty damn good though at the end... Safe. :)


06. Ayla Brown Rating: Unwritten (Natasha Bettigfield) - This is tough because it is such a new song. And Randy is correct about singing a “singers song” and having lyrical control within your range... and this was not one. But she performend it pretty well. Safe by default. :howyoudoin:


07. Mandisa Rating: I’m every woman (Chaka Kahn) - Is this song a requirement for any diva on idol? Trenyce? Vonzell? and now the Mandisa! But she rocked out! There were a few pitchy notes, but this was by far the best arrangement of any of the previous performances and the best of any girl last week and this week. She slays the other girls tonight easy and is obviously safe. :pimp:


08. Kellie Pickler Rating: I’m the Only One (Melissa Etheridge) - She is too cutesy to sing this song. She's boring and she drives me to Mink...errr...I mean drink. Crap. Bye Pickles. :pinch:







C'est la vie .




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Week 4


So long, Melissa,,, you had a badddddddddd day.






Well, it looks like no one is getting their money back this week.


Hey she botched up the lyrics to Stevie's song 3 times. In front of him and on the Big Stage.


I was very surprised at the bottom 3 this week. Melissa was no surprise, Lisa was mildly surprising, and Ace was a huge shock given that he has been one of Fox's TCOs this year.


In surfing some other message boards and American Idol discussions, Bucky has been picking up some support because he's a really likeable guy, even if he is the worst vocalist in the top 12. Fox likes to have at least one polarising contestant on the show and this year it's apparently Charlie Brown.




You may have heard me screaming "Noooooooooooo!!!" when Seacrest announced that Kellie was safe, but given that she got the post-singing sit-down interview to remind us of how cute she is, I shouldn't have been disappointed that she didn't get a trip to the center of the stage on elimination night, but I was.


To me, Melissa is the victim of Fox's continuing practise of giving some folks face time and not others. I will give them credit for having a longer segment before each contestant sang, but I think it's still pretty clear that the people who are shown regularly in the auditions and Hollywood have a pretty hefty advantage of those who are sight unseen going into the singing rounds.


That's not to say Melissa was jobbed; she wasn't going to win but I thought she was a solid second-tier contestant. After Mandisa, I think she has the most power in her voice of the girls and she's got a sound that is different from ther others (and I mean that in a good way). There are clearly worse vocalists and performers still in the competition (cough . . . Bucky . . . cough).


If Ace's trip to the bottom 3 is any indication of what's to come, it's that anything can happen, which is how it should be. With the exception of Bucky and Kevin, I think this top 12 (including Melissa) is the deepest we've seen and now it seems that he'll get a big boost in votes, just like Kevin did.


One final note:


Ace went in the lead off spot and was in the bottom 3.


Chris got the pimp spot and was safe.


I'll keep a tally of this all year long.


So good-bye, Melissa, I still think Kevin should have been eliminated tonight instead of you.



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  • 1 month later...



I can't say it any better than Donna on Foxes on idol...


It’s the much-anticipated Elvis week, and I am expecting great things from the four remaining Idols this time around. Here’s how it went down:

Taylor Hicks – “Jailhouse Rock” and “In the Ghetto”

Taylor opened the show, wearing a red shiny pinstripe suite, dancing through the audience and capturing the spirit of this song. What was cool was that the guitar player was up jiving with Taylor and the whole effect was just plain fun. It really was “classic” Taylor Hicks. Why wouldn’t he sing this one? Randy recognized that Taylor was in his element, and Paula said it was phenomenal. Simon hated it and called it karaoke with a capital “K.”


Taylor’s second number was special indeed. He started out sitting on the stage, and sang straight into the camera. It was intense. He really felt the lyrics, and for a moment, it looked as though he were about to burst into tears. I know I did! This was certainly one of Taylor’s best performances in the competition. Randy said it was the “right key, right song” and that this was “the kind of record you’re going to make.” Paula called him well-rounded, and surprise of all surprises, Simon said, “What you have just done is sung you way into the semi-finals!”


Chris Daughtry – “Suspicious Minds” and “A Little Less Conversation”

I have to say that Chris’ first song was excellent. He went a little flat in the middle, but overall, it was the perfect vehicle for his vibrato and it sounded really fresh. Randy wasn’t quite as sold, but Paula said, “See you in the finals.” We’ll see about that. Simon said, “Sunglasses aside, that worked.”


“A Little Less Conversation” didn’t work quite as well. Despite his “Bo Bice” mic stand antics, the song started out rather bland and boring. He put too much emphasis on the individual words or something. I did like the tone of his voice, though, and he ended it quite well. Randy liked that he kept it in a lower key and Paula still adores him (Chris that is). Simon surprised me. He liked the first song better and said it was a bit flat. Wow. Criticism of Chris and compliments to Taylor. What’s up with that?


Elliott Yamin – “If I Can Dream” and “Trouble”

This was Elliott’s night. “If I Can Dream” was heartfelt and powerful at the same time. Elliott was wide open and everything just poured from his soul. It was a stunning performance. Randy called it hot, and Paula said it was his best performance of the season. Simon mentioned that Elliott came in as an underdog and praised him for choosing a song that most people didn’t know and singing it so well. “Best performance so far,” he said.


“Trouble” was very bluesy and just perfect for the aura that has descended over Elliott. It was a real performance. I was impressed that the band had so much fun while he was singing it too. It was sassy and fun, but vocally, he nailed it. Randy called this Elliott’s best performance ever, and Paula agreed. Simon said, “You deserve to go through to the next round.” Indeed he does.





Katharine McPhee – “Hound Dog/All Shook Up” and “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”

Katharine had a rough night. Her first song was just too ambitious. She had fun with it, but it never quite worked. Plus, she lost a lyric, and while she tried to cover it up by spinning around, it was the drop heard round the world. No one can afford to lose a line at this point. Randy and Paula noticed and commented, and Katharine just laughed. Simon said it reminded him of a desperate, manic audition.



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... Did Ryan just say Chris is off the show?


You're kidding right?


Chris Daughtry?




Absolute BULSHIT.


No question about it. Chris should still be there. Here's the deal...

There is no question that Chris Daughtry is an excellent entertainer.


Barnone. His voice is superlative and his stage presence spectacular.


Kat should have bought the farm tonight. But those over at the votethebumin.com musta been hacking away and putting in the overtime just to push a "female" singer through on the basis of suppossed "fairness".




I mean It was 2 girls in the final when Diana took on Fantasia (and shoulda won IMO). What's wrong with 2 dudes?


I really think this is how it will play out over the Next several weeks...


Taylor will WIN. That's not because I'm a huge fan of his that I am saying this. It's fact. His vocals and stage presence warrant that he wins American Idol.


He is a perfect package for them to promote. He deserves it.

Elliot should place second with Kat in the show spot at third.


Hey runner up artists have had the best luck outside of Kelly Clarkson in terms of record sales, projects and so forth.


Cya real soon Chris.

Sorry to see you go. I tuned in for you every week.


The execs over at the Recording companies are salivating to get their grimey paws on Chris.


No doubt about it.


Bad voting America. Bad indeed.



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For the second straight week, Idol votes off a more deserving contestant than McFaker.








With the hour format tonight, expect alot of seacrest banter. We begin the night with the obligatory recap. When Simon told Katharine that Over the Rainbow was the best performance of the competition to date did he mean this season? or ever performed on American Idol? Or ever performed on any Idol show in any country ever? Opinions and Clarifications on this? This is definitely not the best performance on Idol ever (*cough*Chris Daughtry-Hemmorage in my Hands *cough*).



Ok, for real this time after break #5 we get the results. We are in game show mode with lots of numbers: 33.06% 33.26% 33.68%…Elliott has the lowest votes tonight-










Rigged. Absolutely rigged. Kat has way too many lives. She should have died against Chris and now here. This is complete bull.







This Kat bullshit has gone on long enough. I hope people are happy. I’m not.


I hope she gets to trip at the finish line and lose to my man Taylor.


... for Elliott Yamin, this is just the beginning…






"Hi yeah can I vote for another talentless broad to be in the American Idol Finals?...Hehe, Sure, I'll hold..."




Next show at the Kodak for the Finals.

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The Grand Finale !





I feel like I'm the only one who watches this show...which is too bad because I will say right now that this year was the absolute best in the any of the 5 American idol years so far.... Awesome, awesome talent from the Final 10 right on through tonight.



Tonight we are watching the big show from the big Kodak Theatre. CAN YOU DIG IT!? I am way pumped for people to bring it. And to get a smiley with teeth tonight, Taylor and Kat are going to have to BRING IT…lets get on with it!



Round 1




Kat McPhee-


Katharine McPhee Rating: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - She looks great on the stage - her outfit is great tonight and the slight choreography was great. Her performance was pretty much identical to the last time she sang it. Meh. :)




Taylor Hicks-


Taylor Hicks Rating: Livin’ for the City - That performance was great for a finale performance. It was excellent enough to make Stevie Wonder proud, both soulful and vocally stunning. Taylor pushes ahead with this performance. :2T:




Round 2




Kat McPhee-


Katharine McPhee Rating:+1/2 Somewhere over the Rainbow - The opening was rushed and she actually sounded nervous. Anyway, I don’t think this was the smartest song choice for her because it was still so fresh in our minds. I actually wish she would have gone with “Until You come back to me" or some other number. It is somewhat unmpressive so far because i feel like she didn’t bring anything new to the songs. Still, overall, good though. :)




Taylor Hicks-


Taylor Hicks Rating:+1/2 Levon - Another fabulous Taylor Hicks performance! He is really doing a great job at reprising his performances. I also think taylor did a better job at song choice tonight because for those viewers coming into the show in the last few weeks, they will have already heard kat sing both those, but the taylor performances will be new to them. Smart picking on Taylor’s part. :ok:




Round 3





Kat McPhee-


Katharine McPhee Rating: My Destiny - This song is awful - it was way too low for her during the verses and she couldn’t even hold the note! She looks fabulous, though. She gets the full on gospel choir, however, but it is ultimately no help. Compared to the final songs of Kelly, Carrie, and even fantasia….not so good. Song OR performance. Terrible, even Simon says so... :)






Taylor Hicks-


Taylor Hicks Rating: Do I Make you Proud - Another sucktastic song. Pretty good performance though…it was just a little boring but it picked up in the end with classic Taylor licks and riff... :2T:



The final word then? Just as I picked back in the try out rounds... Taylor of course, who I pegged to win this from day 1...








Until tommorow... Let's pray America gets this one right... we hope. :???:



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We start out with some Carrie/Taylor/Kat and the rest of the idols singing “I made it through the rain” wearing all white. I was hoping for something more upbeat to start the show, but i’ll take a little Carrie Underwood any day. A little of the obligatory Seacrest banter. I enjoy the film clips of the judges actually.


Next we visit Birmingham where Becky and Jessie (vomit) are hosting the event. And Tamyra is hosting the event at Universal for the McPhee.


Paris (who looks HOT) is up first singing with Al Jarreau singing “We’re in this love together” and it was pretty good. I thought Paris was way better than Al Jarreau.


After commercial break #1, Chris sings with Live which is so awesome! I can’t believe a band like that would do idol, but i know they thought Chris rocked, so probably just for him.


Kellie Pickler is up next with…Wolfgang Puck???!?!? Good god…are they serious? She is sampling escargot and spit it in her napkin. This clip could not be over fast enough.


Onto some McPheever and Meatloaf. Which sounds A-W-F-U-L! Meatloaf is all over the place–dude is he missing his earpiece??


Also, Celine Dion called and wants her fake dramedy from this song back.


After Commercial break #2, Its time for the “Golden Idols,” aka, another time filler for product placement and bad auditions. And thats about all the Crazy Dave I can handle…for like, the rest of my life.


After commercial break #3, we have more Pickler with Puck…this is getting old already, and i have a feeling this is not the last segment of these shenanigans.


We get some more BIG RHONETTA who is “working.” Seriously…this shit needs to stop. :ninja:


Up next is Taylor singing with Toni Braxton singing “In the Ghetto” And what is up w/ Braxton grinding all up on Taylor…eeew!


She so nasty... :misty:


I will just be blocking this out now.


- Ok, we get some taylor/kat dirty dancing. Now comes the moment of truth…with 63.4 million votes! good lord. and here we go…






And while taylor sings his final performance we see Katharine pissed talking to Seacrest.


There is justice...even though her ass is McFantastic...


till next year.


Seacrest out...

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