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Quick request - Wallpapers


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Wasup peeps.


Just wanted to ask something of DD for a sec.  I wanted to get a hold of some really incredible wallpapers.  It's time to give my comp some personality.  I already have Digital Blasphemy down pat, i really like their work.


I'm looking for images 1024 x 768 or bigger.  Some really impressive / funny stuff.  Doing it this way is probably better than searching through google, most of you have better taste than the web anyways.

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Guest Yahve

He could also read.... THE F.A.Q. *Thunders sounds* The FAQ explains it all.  :werd:



hmm ive been needing wallpaper sites too.... ive worn out my collection.  


lets see if we can get a comprehensive collection going here..


Cognitive Distortion

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Anything goes, as long as it' looks cool.  I'm looking for detail tho...


The Preacher one looked cool, although I know nothing about it, so I doubt it will fit my personality well. :D


The blackbird was cool too, but for some reason, the pic didn't download all the way, I try again.


Can you guess what's on my desktop?


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God bless...


Today I stepped into a world that has completely perplexed me.  In my search for cool wallpapers, I stumbled across a topic regarding customization to the utmost level!  We're talking levels of Windows customization that even Nick hasn't dreampt of.


They're called shells.


Completely modifying your explorer.exe, system tray, taskbar, and desktop settings to alter your PC's entire appearance.  Endless options.  For example... Ghost Windows.  Say you open 2 windows, the second one opens up in front of the first... well, instead of just hiding in the background, the 1st window now becomes translucent, almost see through, clicks pass through that window onto the one you're really on.


Incredible stuff.

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