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Best Prog Rock Band


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I left out Pink Floyd becasue they are obvious heavy favorites, and modern prog acts to keep it strictly old school 70's and 80's prog. If you're not really into Prog rock, vote for which ever has a song you like. Everyone know who I'm votign for, and I don't except anyone else to vote allow with me. I've come to learn that Rush is for the few, not the many.


If you don't know what Prog Rock is Audiogalaxy defines it as:


Art Rock, or Progressive (Prog.) Rock grew out of a combination of Psychedelic Rock, Classical music and Jazz. Rock instruments and styles are incorporated into usually lengthy, complex Classical and Jazz-based song structures. Albums are often one continuous piece and story (such as a rock opera.) Art Rock is more Classically-oriented than Prog. Rock, which leans more towards Jazz. King Crimson, early Genesis and Yes are prime examples of this genre.

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