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OK, so after good reviews and a recommendation from an employee, I went to see happy feet with my visiting cousin last night. For music buffs, this film is a guilty pleasure. Like Moulin Rogue, they do musical reditions of popular classics and new stuff too. Stevie Wonder, Prince, Elvis, The Beatles, Sinatra in Spanish, Queen, Chicago, Grandmaster Flash, the Beach Boys just to name the ones I could identify. The story was ugy ducklingesque in the beginning, and became epic in the Cambellian Hero's Journey sense of the word in the second half. I really liked the theme between the elder penguins and the main character, Mumble.


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Where the elders claimed that the food shortage was the result of Mumble's "pagan ways" and that only tradition would brign the food supply back, while Mumble insisted that there had to be a logical explanation.


I would encourage people to check this out before DVD release, because it is a visual treat. I'll be checking it out again on I-MAX.


PS As it became evident that Humans would appear by the end of the movie, I was worried about them beign Jimmy Neutron/Toy Story humans, btu those were the most realistic CGI human models I have ever since. I was rubbign my eyes tryign to figure out if they used any real live footage or not. I mean, REALLY REALLY GOOD humans. Scary good.

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