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I always knew something was off about Kirkman


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This is what's wrong with the Walking Dead & Marvel Zombies. Guy's a fucking Liefeld-lover. Sure he comes up with some great ideas, and is a great storyteller up to the point he gets too bogged down in the character drama & there's nothing else to read(see Walking dead).


'Nuff said

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so yeah, kirkman's great


Josh Wigler: The five or so characters we're going to see in next week's teasers are the real line up for "Guardians of the Globe." Clearly, you've taken a cue from the "Avengers" reveals that Marvel has been doing, and they've said that the teased characters aren't the only members of each team. Is that the same case here - is next week's round of teasers just a sampling of the full roster?


Robert Kirkman: Yeah, there will be a lot more characters appearing in the series over the course of it, so it's just the same.


Look, these teasers - this week has been all about just trying to have fun, doing some cool stuff, getting a little bit of notice and getting the name of the book out there. Sure, I'm poking fun at Marvel a bit, but it's really all in good fun. When you get John Romita, Jr. and Stuart Immonen drawing books, I'm going to be there. I don't care who is writing it, I'm on board for that stuff!


I think that this industry - I don't want to say it takes itself too seriously, but sometimes it kind of does. I just wish that there was more of a community in comics. I think the industry being in the state that it's in, reading comics is kind of an exclusive club. We're all in this together and we all have a common ground in that we enjoy these characters and we love the medium of telling these stories in this way. Frankly, I wish people would lighten up. I think it's more interesting when Marvel and DC are poking fun at each other, and when somebody like Image can get into the mix, it's all the better. I wish there was more of that stuff.


Just to bring up an example - this cover-ripping debacle that's going on between Marvel and DC right now, that's a brilliant move on Marvel's part. The ring promotion itself was brilliant on DC's part. It's all cool stuff. DC used the ring promotion to promote a lot of lower-tier books, no harm in that. And it worked, but retailers didn't exactly sell all those books ordered. Marvel isn't trying to say, "You guys tried to screw retailers by tricking them into ordering all of these books that they won't be able to sell!" They're just trying to do something fun that helps retailers in the process. If those books do sit on the shelves, that's not good for retailers. If they can rip those covers and get a variant cover in return, that helps those guys out, puts more money in their pockets and allows them to order more Marvel and DC books. It's good for everyone, on the whole.


I'm really excited about what's going on at DC right now with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee taking over as co-publishers and Geoff Johns taking on a larger role with things, but I think Johns made a bit of a misstep, much as I love the guy, in announcing that they won't do any Marvel and DC crossovers now because of this cover thing. That's not cool! With "Siege" selling half of what "Secret Invasion" sold, and "Blackest Night" is doing okay but not selling as much as "Infinite Crisis" did, I think that a Marvel and DC crossover is something that the retailers could probably use right now. I agree that "Siege" is selling well - it was number one. I see people calling it a failure and I scratch my head. If only we could all fail so well! But I think that now would be a very good time for everybody to come together and be a little bit friendlier with each other. I think an "Iron Man/Green Lantern" book would be a pretty big deal, with all of the movie stuff. It's been a while since there's been a crossover like that. I think that's something that would get people excited.


We're all in this business to sell comics. The more comics we sell, the better off our retail community is. I certainly don't expect Marvel to be happy [about the "Guardians" teasers], but it's all in good fun.


i think dude gets it. im trying to recall what covers specifically DC was miffed about, though.

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