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The Last Remnant


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says Kotaku:


The Last Remnant is a first for Square-Enix. It look set to be a completely new title for the company and will be released on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 in Japan and in the US simultaneously. Square-Enix honcho Yoichi Wada stated that the North American success of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts was solid proof that Square-Enix's RPGs were palatable abroad. Some details about the game: The battle system is real time, and players are able to control large groups of troops. There seems to be large monsters and large swords. So, adding to "Final Fantasy", we've got what looks like a new brand, "The Last Remnant." What is it with Square-Enix and nihilism?


Considering Square's recent show focused on yet more DS remakes of old Final Fantasy games, hearing a new franchise game is promising. Not many details yet, other than its gonna be multiplatform, but here's the screenshots they got:








i mean, its better news than Parasite Eve 3 going mobile

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more details arise

  • Production on Last Remnant began shortly after the completion of the PS2 remake of Romancing SaGa, dubbed Minstrel's Song.
  • Getting used to Unreal Engine 3 was a difficult task, they said. Early work started with getting tons of characters on screen at once.
  • The battle system may be too complicated, they've been warned. Well, if any of you experienced the hellish amounts of fun and confusion from SaGa Frontier 2, we're sure this won't be that tough. The four designers agree.
  • Like in games akin to Ogre Battle (the N64 version comes to mind), you can organize your units in groups of five, choosing who to put in which units. Their attacks won't be automatic, though. You issue commands yourself, like a standard RPG.
  • The trailer shown at the Square Enix party was all real-time, but the rendering and such were only at 30%. So expect a lot to appear different with the final product.
  • The game should be about 30 hours in length.
  • No release date, yet.

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hah...cmon man, its a new property, gotta give it a chance! i was just reading good things on Romancing Saga or whatever.


Romancing Saga good? That's the first time I ever heard the word next to a Saga game. No Saga game has ever been good and this is coming from a RPG fan.

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The Romancing Saga games were suppose to be pretty sweet, and I know people loved the old FFL games on Gameboy (Which were Saga 1, 2, and 3) so we'll see. I thought the first Saga that game out on PS was OK, nowhere near as bad as it was reviewed as, but still not amazing.

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