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From Newsarama....


...“It was 1992, and I was at the 612 Bar in Williamsburg (in Brooklyn--ED),” Millionaire recalls. “One day I drew Drinky on a napkin and the owner liked it. He would give me a free beer for every one I drew. He used them for a newsletter.”


Soon Millionaire would draw more than Drinky. He’d surround the suicide-oriented raven with an Irish monkey named Uncle Gabby and a number of similar dysfunctionals under the title Maakies (collected through Fantagraphics). He also created a second critter, Sock Monkey, published by Dark Horse.


From there, it wasn’t long before Sock Monkey and Drinky Crow started getting sniffs from various animation groups.


“We had a lot of almost sales with Sock Monkey scripts,” says Millionaire. “We had taken it to so many studios that we had given up on it. I remember going to pitch sessions and them constantly saying ‘this stuff is weird!’ and I would say ‘what’s so weird about this?’ Sock Monkey is basically a Victorian version of Toy Story. You mention George Herriman and they would go ‘you mean the guy who created Kookie Kat?’”


Then he got a real deal, with Lorne Michaels for the TV Funhouse segment of SNL. It didn’t go exactly as planned, either.


“They made six cartoons, but only aired two,” says Millionaire. “They were really funny, but weren’t in the style they wanted, I guess. (They’ve been collected in a DVD called God Hates Cartoons on Bright Red Rocket--ED). At first they weren’t giving up on it because they were talking about including them in some other kind of show or making it into a movie. It ended up with me going to so many pitch meetings one day I ended up screaming ‘What am I doing?’”


Then came one more pitch. This time it was from someone who would give Millionaire more than a free drink.


“All of a sudden, Adult Swim came to me and told me they really wanted to do it,” says Millionaire. “So we now have a pilot.”


The Drinky Crow Show is fifteen minutes of animated anarchy. It will be an extreme pleasure to both Maakie fans and those who love seriously old school cartoons.


Anyway, Drinky is awesome for the few that've got to read Maakies. This is gonna be really cool.

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Jax to the rescue...again.

Wait you fixed it, the reply screen didn't look like this before, it was all kinds of fucked up. You're trying to make me look foolish so I'll be deemed unfit to run the company and you can claim the inheritance. A snake you are evil cousin.

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