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Magneto VS Apocalypse



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They did meet, and fight, in 'Age of Apocalypse' but Magneto was 1/2 strength then (cuz he'd overloaded himself bringing down Poc's ship). I always felt that was a huge copout and wanted to know who would win this fight if they were both at their best.


Magneto of course is a magentism master, but what exaclty are Apocalypse's abilities? Shapeshifting and strength seem to be the only ones...


Another interesting matter. WHo will be the villian in XMen 2? They set it up for the return of Magneto and I guess they'll want to bring him back before Ian McKellan kicks the bucket. But there are rumours about Apocalypse. I'd rather see Apocalypse, tell you the truth...


BTW: notice how almost all the characters have a way back for the sequel? I think that in that whole movie, only three people died.


Hey, Artistic! I know you're semi retired, but I wann hear you on this one. (even though I know exactly how you're gonna vote)

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I'm sorry, but:


Apocalyspe = Metal

Magneto = Master of Metal


Apocalyspe = Magneto's Bitch


And I would like to see the Sentinals in X-Mens 2. As well as Gambit on the good guy side (ala Brad Pitt if possible). the Sentinals wouldn't be teh only, or main enemy, but i'd be sweet to see em there.


PS X-Men 2 is scheduled for summer 2003 release. Haven't all these things surfaced already? I'm gonna go check it out.

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..while Apocalypse might not be constructed of metal, he's been destroyed by a single (albeit, very powerful & focused) beam from Cyclops in the past, as well as Cable takin him down not too far back.

Now, while Cyke & Calbe are of that whole ask'ani line of immense power, until recently, Cable's been hindered by that techno-organic virus, and not nearly as powerful as he could be (i.e., X-Man), but now that that's all gone, he's on par with Xavier & Magneto, possibly more powerful when he learns to control his power.  In any event, i recall seein Magneto fire off an EMP that short-circuited the whole of New York like it wasnt a big deal to him at all (think he was in some gravitational/magnetic field); even if he cant rip Apocalypse in half, he'd control enough things to destroy 'im, i think.

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Guest madman

You won’t question the fact that Apocalypse is a practically immortal mutant capable of changing his dimensions in any way deemed fit by the writer.  Further more you dare not question the fact that in addition to those powers this Egyptian pharaoh can disperse energy beams and or laser blast from his finger tips for no apparent other than aesthetics.  Indeed you have no quarks with anything said or done by these characters but you can’t even imagine that Apocalypse isn’t made of metal.  Heed my words monkey keep your mouth shut until someone else comes along and gives you a worth wild opinion. Just like the way you chose your board name.  You should be fine if you live your life like that.

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madman you slut, ive missed you & your wisdom so.  :D Good points on Apocalypse.  The different writers have fucked with him quite a bit over time, ive seen a few make him lil more than a joke, sadly.

Anyway...like it or not, me & Yahven decided youre gettin a profile soon, whore!

PS Jumbie why was the final showdown in "Age of Apocalypse" with him & Magneto such a copout?

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I never saw their *final* fight I did see the one in the middle of the storyline where Magneto loses. BUt because Magneto's supposed to be 1/2 strength It's very easy to see him getting beat.


It was a cop out because the fight was 'fixed'. We didn't get to see Magneto lose fair and square.

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