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Florida Marlin's Tickets...


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As some of you know, and other will find out right now...I get free concert, movie and sports tickets from time to time since I work at the radio station...


I put in a whole butt-load of Marlin's ticket requests and basically forgot about them until they handed them to me...is anyone interested in any games?


I have:


Sat, Aug 4th vs. Houston (Oscar D'Leon concert immediately following game end...)

Sun, Aug 5th vs. Houston

Sun, Aug 19th vs. San Francisco


Sun, Sep 23rd vs. New York Mets...


I have at least one pair per date, but there are some that I have more of than others...let me know if anyone is interested...

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nice! ill contact my brother and Duado the Deadly both, they might be down. Panch too. Which station you work for again? they treats you good.



El Zol 95.7, Clasica 92.3 & Romance 106.7 -- Not your cup o'tea since you're a gringo, but yeah, they hook up pretty damn good...



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Yeah, I'd take some of those of your hands! I call dibbs on the San Fran tix! What do ya say, Aarty? Can Panch get some Marlin love, please?



You going to be @ Nick's tomorrow? I am going to bring them and will decide who gets what...

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