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Avengers vs. JLA



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The quick answer is JLA, but ill havta give it some thought. Pairing them up...

Supes Vs Thor: I bet on Thor, m'self.

GL Vs Iron Whore: Eh, i like new GL but Iron Bitch takes it.

Cap Vs Batman: With no time to plan? Cap wins it, like it or not.

Green Arrow kills Hawkeye quickly.

Herc & She Hulk are tough. Wonder Woman & Martian Dick Hunter come out on top, but barely - Herc's not bad.

Leavin Vision & Flash, and that's just sad. I like Vision, but Flash..he could finish this one & help the others. Even if Avengers brought Quicksilver, he barely breaks sound barrier.  

Again, JLA is a league of gods, i'll hear arguements for Avengers to win but it wont be easy.

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This would actually be a damn good fight even though you guys don't think so.  Despite the JLA's obvious strengths here,

Hercules is also a god and is at par with Thor(Just poor writing seperates the two, oh and the hammer).  Also the She Hulk is no pushover.  Also, the martian dude ain't all that.  If you really think about this putting obvious biases aside, they are really well matched.  And you are right though the Flash does wipe QuickSilver. :sly:

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jla gives the spanking here folks not the avengers

thor versus superman yeah superman gets his ass handed to him maybe sups doesn't like magic but thor doesn't like sups super-speed.

iron man versus lantern fuck i don't like it but this new lantern lives and beats that ass.

man-hunter versus herc sorry guy's in the marvel universe herc is just a really strong mortal he can die and in fact the hulk almost killed him hulk had no problem with killing him but zeus transported herc out of there and tried to tell him hey guy you need to have your god powers back for shit like thathell if he was the god he should be it be fucking cool but he ain't sad.

flash is too fast for anyone here fuck the one time he fought silver he BEAT that ass.

green arrow versus hawk eye i'd give it to hawk eye for two reasons one he's younger fast stronger and hawkeye was a bad guy a few times and he crosses over from time to time but it's still a toss up.

but as we all know team battles aren't the same as one on ones thor could hit half the jla with a thunder bolt and down goes bats, wonder, flash etc so look out for the leaders here batman and captain look for them to carry their teams here    captainamerica-full.gif

all post do get read cause at the very least i post in each and everyone of them remember there's no crying in fight club and you are among friends especially madman his everyone's friend.

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